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Friday, April 22, 2011

My Quest to Be Convience (Food) Free...

When my husband lost his job, I began delving into ways to cut our grocery budget, that was already slim. When we had two children, we made it on $50 to $70 weekly including household goods and diapers. Now we have added two children to that mix, one in diapers and groceries have gone through the roof.
Since convience , packaged items wre mainly where our money went, I began searching for recipes on how to make some of those items from scratch. Which has since snowballed into almost complete scratch cooking. It started with homemade cream soup mixes, homemade baby wipe spray (though I still use disposable diapers)buying a bread machine and a yogurt maker and many others. I plan on sitting down and making a list of all the condiments, breads, convience items, cake mixes, pudding mixes, etc and finding a good recipe for all those items. The grocery budget has increased a bit, but the quest is still alive. I made my own hamburger buns the other night and they turned out great tasting even though they didn't "look" all that great...that's gonna take some work.
I'm on the prowl today for some good beverage recipes. My kiddos love cokes, and since I buy them for my husband to take to work with him, the kids sneak plenty. They aren't huge water drinkers and Kool Aid doesn't do it for them most days, but I want them to consume more juice and water. So that's my mission this week.
If you're at all interested in making stuff you use often from scratch,this morning I stumbled upon the motherload! This link takes you to a page full of Make it Yourself recipes.

Have a blessed day!