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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun In The Sun...

Okay, so I have become aware that laziness has set in. It's hot and humid and the days are long and filled with chores and I'm sleepy and just want to nap all day! Not good if you're trying to run a household. Jody is also off from school for 2 weeks, so it's very hard to stay on top of things here. Nothing much has been going on, but I'm ready to change that. I've had my taste of idleness and I don't like it much right, I have determined to fill me and my children's day with constructive activities. May even start school up full force next week as I can see that we've all had enough of a break.
Yesterday we had lots of fun. For some unknown reason, Jody actually let the kids go out and play in the sprinkler. I don't have a problem with them playing in the sprinkler, but I hate to clean up after they've played in it! But, being as in I didn't catch them, I just let it go. I'm glad I did. Some fun is just worth the clean up! I'm also pleased to announce that Lillie's phobia of the sprinkler seems to be completely gone.

Check the purse...she is always carrying one around the house. Did a really great art activity later on in the evening on our newly cleaned, pressure washed back porch which had become a place where things go when they are no longer needed but you're too lazy to take them off somewhere. I also pressure washed the back and front of the house as well as the massive front deck. But enough about that...I got sidetracked. Ice Painting...yes, you must needs try this with your children. It makes , once the ice melts a little, the most beautiful watercolor paintings and it's cheap. Fill ice trays with water. Drop in food coloring, go nuts with the colors. Stick popsicle stick in em and freeze. Take out in 4-5 hours or so and have a blast with your kids...I encourage you to join in with them and make your own masterpiece, it helps your kids to get excited about it too. When you're done, pop em back in the freezer for next time.
Lillie saw me making the paint and bugged me all day to go out and use it, I am so happy to oblige my kids on stuff like this.
This is Jackson confused that I won't let him eat the paint...If it looks like a popsicle it is a popsicle logic, you know.
My photography professor during my brief stint in community college would have had a cow over this picture. She had no tolerance for people who didn't check the composition of a picture (for example, a click happy photo junkie who shot a self portrait in front of a pole and it looked like I had a bad accident at an Olympic javelin competition.) This picture would have surely sent her to her grave, but I think it's kinda funny. A little more shadow and Jack would've had a fro that would've made James Brown run home cryin' to his momma!

Man, I have no lick of artistic talent, but I can still call it art, right? Dad, I'm not complaining cause I got the music genes, but couldn't you have given me some of the artsy gene as well?Now really, this one is super, I think and I was very proud. I'll call it "Mountain in the Sunset" for lack of a better title.
What has Chloe been up to? Curling Ernie's hair...
Eating no bake cookies without using her hands...

And...pudding pops... Man I used to love those Jello pudding pops, do they even still make them?
The others didn't like them too much...I think it was because the pudding was vanilla and not chocolate. But I had a box of instant vanilla, and didn't feel like messing up a sauce pan to make homemade chocolate pudding...see the laziness rearing it's head again? Check out my cooking blog for this recipe and another great summer treat for the kiddos.
Hope you're summer is going great and I look forward to posting more fun activities as time progresses. Have a blessed day!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Blessed indeed is the man that hears many gentle voices call him Father.
Lydia M. Child

Well, I normally send my dad a hilarious Hoops and YO YO card from each Father's Day. They used to have a ton of free e-cards, but I guess that's not good business if everyone uses the free (like me) and never actually buys anything. So, imagine my horror when I logged on yesterday to send my annual funny card to my dear ole' dad and found they started charging for almost every single card...very few freebies anymore, at least in the Father's Day section. 99 cents a card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I know, I'm tight...I prefer the term "really really frugal" however. Isn't my dad worth 99 cents???? Well, shoot yeah, you bet he is...I don't have the kinda money to buy a present whose value is equal to my dad...

So, Dad, in lieu of cheap, funny card this year, I decided to just post some pictures...since we're both picture junkies I figure you'll appreciate this ...

Thought I'd throw this one in since I have alot to thank YOUR dad for.

Happy Father's Day , Dad...from the one's who know first hand that you're the bestest!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zoo Time...Again

We purchased a membership to a zoo last year and plan on getting the full benefit of it. Friday, I took the kiddos and my dad to the zoo and we had a blast. However...I had to walk through the zoo SHOELESS because I forgot my back up flip flops. I was taking the brake off Chloe's stroller with my toe and the straps broke clean off...irrepairable. Well, the thought of hiking ALL the way back to the car , packing three kids , and driving no telling how far to find a store to buy another cheap pair of flip flops was certainly unappealing. So, after much debate, dad just told me to go without. It was...interesting. I don't even want to think what breed of bacteria plastered it's way on my foot. But it was fun. These pictures are courtesy of dad, as I am soooooooooo jealous of how good a picture his little next to nothing camera takes. Finished up with a nice picnic lunch followed by the inevitable meltdown...
Now, here's a pic that will mess with your appears that the zoo had a two headed zebra...

DA BEAR!This camel had a thing for Chloe...Seriously...Obviously the camel's affection isn't mutual. Geesh, Chloe, let the guy down easy...don't look so disgusted...Most everything amazed the kids, even though they've seen it before...but Chloe was more amazed than any of them, having to be taken out of the stroller and held up so she could sit with her mouth open whispering "WOAH"

I love this Gorilla. He was here last time and I could have watched him all day. Last time he was out so far, he was hard to see. This time he was sitting with his back to the glass acting like we weren't there. Playing with us by shyly sneaking peeks at us.
Lillie made the comment that the gorilla "Looked just like my daddy". I got down on that one. Jody's broad and all, but, a comment.
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Like to Drag Things Out...

Like birthdays. Jack and Chloe have had the privilage of two parties this year. The last one was a good ole fashioned hot dog roast. We gathered up at my mom and dad's place with Leila and her crew, Uncle Jim and my grandmother from Nashville. It was great fun. I think we will make this one of Jack and Chloe's birthday traditions.

The Papa Express...

Have a blessed day!!!