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Monday, July 20, 2009

Who Says Adding Machine Tape Ain't Fun...

It's been super busy and crazy around here as of late. I'm feeling like I haven't stopped running in two weeks. Plus these crazy allergies and sinus thingies have plagued the kids, but I think we're all on the mend. Saturday, we went up to Wartburg to celebrate my neice Lauren's big #1! Didn't get to stay for cake, as Lillie was not feeling too well and we had to leave early, but Jack stayed behind with his Mimi and Papa so he got plenty of pettin' I'm sure. Here's some pics to prove that it doesn't take a whole lot of bells and whistles to entertain kids...just adding machine tape. When the kids were done with the room it looked like a frat house on a Saturday morning, no kidding.
The inevitable meltdown... Literally a minute later... I assure you he's not least not officially. The girl of the hour... Love the face!This one's not bad either. Chloe gettin' in on the action... All together now!
This is my first foray into homemade wrap jobs. As in, didn't feel like running to the store to get a gift bag...I thought it turned out much neater and personalized this way. All this stuff came from my ever growing scrap pile of crafting paraphernalia.

Close up of Clothespin doll...
The cake I didn't get to eat...shoot! Jackson, obviously admiring his superior upper body build in the windows of a store front...Me and my baby...They say we look alike...I don't see it, other than the fact that I can't get her hair to do anything either ;)

Have a blessed day!

Friday, July 10, 2009

When My Journey Takes A Detour...

"I've lost my job." Those four words changed...everything, or at least it seemed. I remember it was before Christmas, 17 months ago that I heard those words...yet, by God's grace he had prepared me for them even though I didn't see it at the time. I thought I would panic, but I didn't...I was oddly calm...somehow I knew things would work out. But, how scary the unknown is to us. It's human nature, I suppose to always seek for an explanation to things we don't understand, to read the last page of the book to find out how it turns out. Was I always confident in God's promises to me that HE'D take care of us and that HE had control? I'd be lying to say that...there were times of panic, times of despair, lots of tears, lots of questioning "why".

Now, a new chapter is being written in the life of my little family. A new unknown one, full of it's own set of trials. After 15 months of unemployment, 15 months of wondering when we would see the light at the end of the tunnel, that time has come. And, strangely, though I am excited and so thankful that God has led us to where we now stand, today I am a bit sad. Not sure why, exactly. It's such an odd thing to be sad end to the valley. Maybe I hate to see this chapter end because I have learned so much about God, how he works, how much he loves and how he provides. Maybe I'm sad because I'm afraid I'll forget all the times he came through for us, made something out of nothing, used special people to help us through. Maybe because I'll miss the fervency of my prayers, as tribulation often draws us closer. No reason, of course that I can't still learn from God and feel his love and be drawn close to him now, just that this particular leg of the journey was so...miraculous, I guess.

I look back over my life and I can see very clearly how God has been right there, like the master chess player, arranging the pieces, working even when I had no knowledge of who HE was. And this morning it is with grateful tears rolling down my face that I must praise HIM, for He means everything to me and I count myself the most blessed person in this world.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some Great Articles I Read This Morning...

I am on the brink of starting up school again and have been searching for inspiration and affirmation. I've found that even though I know homeschooling is God's will for my family that it helps to go back over my reasons and my direction and hopes and dreams for my little home school. Read some great article and blog posts that I'll link to...
True Christian Motherhood
Ten Habits of a Happy Homeschool
What About Socialization? Loved this one. I get this question more than any from well-meaning, but completely ignorant people (and I don't mean ignorant to be insulting, here, just that people don't do their research before they try to debate a subject they know little about except what they got from a negative article in the media or stereotypes.)
Mother of Ten Gives Homeschool Advice I always feel more encouraged by mother's of large broods that homeschool and are still alive and intelligent! Gives me hope!

Have a Blessed Day!