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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Pictures and Camera Clean-Up...

Well, Christmas is over and the kids are not sure how to conduct themselves after all the excitement is over with and things return to "normal". School work starts back up this week and housework looms over me daily and the laundry....well, it never sleeps.

The children got more than they needed again this year, mostly from Jody and I. Pondering on whether to do the gifts like we did this year or just splurge on one big one or maybe a trip...hmm

Well, this post is going to be one of those plagued with pictures of the going's on of the last couple months. I finally got my camera to load to my computer again, which has made blogging easier and more enjoyable. Anyone who knows me knows I love pictures. So, my camera was clogged with files that now can be poste

Lillie and Taylor's Birthday
Such a pretty girl!

This cake was so fun to make.

School has been relaxed to say the least lately. I got a great book by Peggy Kaye called Games For Reading. Here's one of the games in it and the kids had a blast while learning some sight words.
With my mom and dad's help we got our whole big front porch painted, the door a fresh coat of bright red paint and shutters to match before it got really cold Had several activities with our small little church congregation. The church is getting closer to be finished and we are all very eager to get into the building and not be in a house. There's just something about a beautiful little churchouse on a Sunday morning...a house just doesn't come close. But the Lord has been good and faithful in his provisions, as he always is. These are some of the best ladies in the world and my buddies and a barrel of fun!

Christmas at Our Place...
I didn't have a nativity scene, so I just made one...silhouette style and I loved it! The wreath was made from scrapbook paper and later was flanked by paper really turned out nice.

We bought Jack some building sets with tools and he was all business putting this dump truck together...that boy sure knows how to handle a screwdriver and a wrench!

Poor Jody can't enjoy the holidays cause he's point man on batteries and twist ties....

Yay! Paper!

They just never seem to learn...

I can almost guarantee that 3 seconds prior to this picture being taken that I said to Chloe "Honey...I wouldn't lean down there if I were you."

Christmas in J-Town...

Christmas at Mom and Dad's...

Leila made this cute hat for Jack...
Well, that's finally over...whew! Well, I hope you all had a great Christmas this year with your families and friends. God sure has blessed up this year and I look forward to what He's gonna do in the coming year!

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Well, that time of year has come again...gosh time is flying by. Seems just like I was stressing out about gifts a few minutes ago...oh, wait., I was. All I'm saying is that again this year Christmas snuck up on me. Not the gift that jumped me several months ago...but every year I intend to do more with the kids. Bake some cookies, go through the nativity story with them, do some projects...especially bring the focus back to Jesus. Well, no cookies, the best we got was me reading hit and miss and a cartoon and no fun projects. I feel like I've totally missed the purpose of Christmas this year. It's become about the gift giving...not the giving of time and my love. Less Jesus, more balancing of the checkbook. I've made more lists than is humanly possible, ordered more off Amazon than I ever intended and been plagued with stress the whole month. Something tells me this is not how Christmas is supposed to be!

But, what is done is done and it doesn't change the fact that Christmas is here. And with Christmas comes some funny stuff. Firstly, Jack does not do Christmas well...I know that now. For weeks he confiscated every circular ad that had toys in it and changed his mind on a daily basis as to what he wanted. Yesterday he carried one of his gifts around all day and says his favorite part of Christmas is "opening presents". Okay, so I've failed this year as a mother to cultivate humbleness and contentment. That boy has toys on the brain, no doubt about that!

Lillie gets it however, constantly bringing him back down to earth by reminding him that it's not about getting, it's about Jesus and how he was born to give eternal life to us and it's about giving of ourselves to those around us. She may have the attitude of a 13 year old girl, think she's 30, but sometimes she's got the wisdom of a 100 year old!

THe kids have gone Narnia nuts and I must admit that as a kid I loved it too, though I didn't get the symbolism at all. The disney versions of the books have been very good and true to the story and I found myself watching them with the kids the other day a quoting scriptures left and right. At the end of Prince Caspian in the final battle the kids were cheering "GOd's gonna win it! God's gonna win it!" It was incredibly cute. Well, here's some recent pictures...

I'm not quite sure how Jody and I could have produced a beautiful child as transcends reason!
The poster child for contentment himself...

Oh how my heart swells! Despite her quick temper I can't help but laugh at Chloe...her antics and extensive vocabulary are her salvation most days.

And here is my little man. Gosh, I can't put into words how much this little guy means to me. All my kids are special to me in some small way and Tyler daily reminds me of how much God loves me and how much HE blesses.

Praise the Lord for a Bumbo is all I have to say! It came yesterday and Tyler LOVES it! My back and arms are saved at last! THis kid has proven that he WILL NOT be like the others. He hates what they loved and loves what they hated. I mean, the kids hates a swing and mashed weird. Thank you to Mom and Dad who went in halfers, to Amazon for free expedited shipping, and for UPS who would've been hugged had I been at home when they delivered it.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Happy New Year to come!