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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In An Old House In Paris That Is Covered In Vines...

Today we took a field trip to "The Big City". I DO NOT like to drive in large cities. I feel sorta like this whenever I venture into one...

Some things I don't like about "The Big City":

1: Off ramps run into on ramps forcing you to drive like a maniac to get to your exit.

2: One way streets

3: Being able to see the building I want to go to, but never able to get to it!

We went to see Madeline and the Bad Hat at the Tivoli Theatre. Lillie has had a love for Madeline since she was two and I bought the Madeline Story Collection...her favorite story, and mine as well was "The Bad Hat". So she was super excited to see one of her fave stories come to life. My dad went with me and in tow were Hannah and Sophia, two of my sister's daughters. We initially wound up at the venue listed in the directions, only to find out it was at the Tivoli but a nice janitor gave us directions. We could see the Tivoli, but couldn't find a parking lot! Everytime we'd spot one, we'd end up on a one way street that took us in the opposite direction. Finally we got parked and made it into the theatre. If you've never seen the Tivoli on the inside, it is a sight to behold. Made me feel fancy and underdressed to just walk in the door. Reminded me of an opera house and I was afraid to say "ain't" in fear of disgracing the very sophistication of this place! The gallery area was tame, however in comparison to the actual theatre. I said "Boy it sure is ornate in this here place" and Dad smiled and said "Yeah, almost...gaudy" He then noticed that the perspective was wrong on one of the stage props and we joked that it may well ruin the whole show for him (It is hard to have an artistic mind...oh yeah and teaching art in public high school forever, will do kooky things to you). The kids loved it, though and that's all that matters. We then went in search of a place to eat lunch and drove around downtown until I was quite frazzled and lost and decided to just give it up and head on back home in hopes of finding a side of the road picnic area. However, I could see the bridge I needed to be on, but had a hard time getting to it...seems my lot in life. We ended up eating on the porch of a nice log cabin convience store and it was good to stretch our legs and stuff our faces. Had a great day, sprinkled a little on us, but the temp was very comfortable. I didn't get many pics, but here's what I did get...

Thanks to my big sis for springing for the tickets and my dad for springing for the parking and to the LORD for getting me back to podunk...alive and well!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Hasty words are but for a moment on the tongue, but they often lie for years on the conscience."
Charles Spurgeon
This quote was in my devotional reading this morning. It struck me, not because it's some new concept, but because it's so true. Especially for me these days, it seems. How many times have I lost my temper and said hurtful things to my husband and my children, out of my frustration and my inability to control my spirit, I tear down. I know what I just said , I will regret as soon as it leaves my lips. The ones I've said it to sometimes forget them long before I ever do. There are things I've said years ago that still haunt me and bring me great regret. I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 5:6 that says "Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin..."
The tongue is can either help or or destroy. How I chose to use my tongue in situations that arise during the day has lasting implications on my family, not just for today, but for many days to come! How I long to be able to just shut-up when I need to. How many times I wish I could just talk calmly to my children when they are driving me crazy. I am thinking of trying to walk around with duct tape on my mouth...sort of help myself along a remind myself that everything I want to say doesn't necessarily have to be heard. Most of my words are a fruit of my flesh and not the Spirit and those words are better left unspoken. The less I talk the better off I seem to children will be glad of this revelation.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Shorter Catechism...According to Jack and Chloe

Question #1: Who made you? Answer: God
Jack: "God"
Chloe: "God" (So far, so good)

Question #2: What else did God make? Answer: God made all things.
Jack: "Whatever he wants to."
(true, but not the exact answer...)
Chloe: "A big mess." (I'm not kidding, that's
what she said.)
*As a side note, in case you're interested in my response to Chloe's answer...After I cleaned up the coffee that squirted out my nose, I told her that it may seem that way sometimes, but that God's still got this thing under control.

Question#3: Why did God make you and all things?: Answer: For HIS own glory.
Jack:"Because he wanted to."
Chloe: Shrugs as she informs me she's
not had a diaper on the entire
Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They Sure Do Clean Up Good...

From the moment the dress went on, Lillie started twirling around, and didn't stop the whole day! She loves to put on big poufy girly dresses and I'm happy to oblige.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just a Bunch of Stuff...

Isn't my Raccoon pack adorable? Okay, so they look a bit scary, I'll give you that. We ended Lewis and Clark last week and this week we're reading about Davy Crockett. THough historians say it is highly unlikely that Mr. Crockett wore a coonskin hat as much as he's pictured doing, but rather something he picked up as his popularity and legend grew. All the same, Lillie did a state notebook page on TEnnessee and the state animal happened to be the raccoom. I got a neat 20 page book about Raccoons off the Learning Island website. YOu have to check this site out, short, but informative books on a variety of topics. I made the kids these raccoon masks you can print here. ANd we played a short lived game of "Pin the TAil on the Raccoon" I got from FAmily Fun website. Lillie wouldn't let me blindfold her to play.

I found the book basket filled with...Josie. Lillie's handiwork, I have no doubt.Before anyone calls the law on me, children CHOSE to get in this big ole' dog carrier. In fact, I've been trying to keep them out of it, with no sucess.However, it does seem to occupy them...
This week we've been listening to our tapes on the life of Jesus, in particular the ones concerning the events from the Triumphal entry to the Ressurection in observance of Ressurection week. We've been working on a simple lapbook that I'll post pics of later when we're all finished with it.

For science we've been studying birds and I have been fascinated at some of the ones we've studied. ONe of these is the bowerbird. THe male builds a very extravagant house and some even have rooms and then they decorate them...all this to impress a female. If a female likes the male's ability to decorate, she'll choose him. But she flies away to lay her eggs and never gets to set foot in the house. Here's a neat video that will explain better... DON"T FORGET TO PAUSE THE MUSIC PLAYER ON THE SIDEBAR!!!!!

<a href="">Nature&apos;s Greatest Moments - Episode 80: Bowerbirds</a>

Suppertime is always filled with drama...

ponderings on the future of our country... general weirdness... and unbelievable cuteness....Today, dad came over and we took a trip to the local park to play and have a picnic. It was great fun! Sunday I wore sandals to church...Monday I woke up to snow on the ground and it's been mucky and cold the last three to say we were stir crazy is the understatement of the century.

After the wacky weather we've been having, it was such a blessing to be out on such a beautiful spring day. Have a great rest of the week and Happy Ressurrection Day. Let's each one take time to be thankful for the blessings of home and family that the Lord has given us and the hope that Jesus brings!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Camera Clean-Up

Erased my memory card and here are some residual pictures that had not been put on the computer.
We are just about done with our bathroom remodel and this is the box the new toilet came in. And in this house, you don't just throw a big ole' box like this make a box house. The kids played with this all day, literally. Jack got his tools out and went to work. I wish I had gotten a picture of all three kids and the puppy inside. I'm sure it would break some fire code!
You simply can not trust anyone with a camera around this place! A rare picture of an even rarer

Lillie ran up the other day and handed me these...I was impressed. I wrote down what they were on the cards... I thought she did a great job with Sacagawea and Pomp (above) Makin' salt dough indian bead necklaces. We are finished with Lewis and Clark and will move onto the Alamo and Davy Crockett.
It's a doughy job but someone's got to do it...
Made some doughnuts I can actually eat on this crazy diet!
Believe it or not, Josie has actually grown. Some great pics of Chloe...

She chooses to dress herself this way...
Have a blessed day!