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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Hasty words are but for a moment on the tongue, but they often lie for years on the conscience."
Charles Spurgeon
This quote was in my devotional reading this morning. It struck me, not because it's some new concept, but because it's so true. Especially for me these days, it seems. How many times have I lost my temper and said hurtful things to my husband and my children, out of my frustration and my inability to control my spirit, I tear down. I know what I just said , I will regret as soon as it leaves my lips. The ones I've said it to sometimes forget them long before I ever do. There are things I've said years ago that still haunt me and bring me great regret. I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 5:6 that says "Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin..."
The tongue is can either help or or destroy. How I chose to use my tongue in situations that arise during the day has lasting implications on my family, not just for today, but for many days to come! How I long to be able to just shut-up when I need to. How many times I wish I could just talk calmly to my children when they are driving me crazy. I am thinking of trying to walk around with duct tape on my mouth...sort of help myself along a remind myself that everything I want to say doesn't necessarily have to be heard. Most of my words are a fruit of my flesh and not the Spirit and those words are better left unspoken. The less I talk the better off I seem to children will be glad of this revelation.


  1. "the less I talk the better off I seem to be."

    Least said soonest mended. I've always been too liberal with words and too prone to find myself eating crow... or humble pie afterwards. Blech. I'm working on this in my life too, Del.

  2. I heard a good message one time about this very same thing. The preacher had a pretty good point that I have always remembered.. He said "God gave us teeth not just to chew our food but more so to keep our tongue in check!" OUCH!!
    I deal with this so often too, I am trying really hard to keep my mouth shut to not just everyone but especially my family..dh and kids you know sometimes it is soo easy to argue back when I should just be quiet. If I was quieter I might be able to hear better you know.
    Great post!
    Hope you have an awesome time at the play!