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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In An Old House In Paris That Is Covered In Vines...

Today we took a field trip to "The Big City". I DO NOT like to drive in large cities. I feel sorta like this whenever I venture into one...

Some things I don't like about "The Big City":

1: Off ramps run into on ramps forcing you to drive like a maniac to get to your exit.

2: One way streets

3: Being able to see the building I want to go to, but never able to get to it!

We went to see Madeline and the Bad Hat at the Tivoli Theatre. Lillie has had a love for Madeline since she was two and I bought the Madeline Story Collection...her favorite story, and mine as well was "The Bad Hat". So she was super excited to see one of her fave stories come to life. My dad went with me and in tow were Hannah and Sophia, two of my sister's daughters. We initially wound up at the venue listed in the directions, only to find out it was at the Tivoli but a nice janitor gave us directions. We could see the Tivoli, but couldn't find a parking lot! Everytime we'd spot one, we'd end up on a one way street that took us in the opposite direction. Finally we got parked and made it into the theatre. If you've never seen the Tivoli on the inside, it is a sight to behold. Made me feel fancy and underdressed to just walk in the door. Reminded me of an opera house and I was afraid to say "ain't" in fear of disgracing the very sophistication of this place! The gallery area was tame, however in comparison to the actual theatre. I said "Boy it sure is ornate in this here place" and Dad smiled and said "Yeah, almost...gaudy" He then noticed that the perspective was wrong on one of the stage props and we joked that it may well ruin the whole show for him (It is hard to have an artistic mind...oh yeah and teaching art in public high school forever, will do kooky things to you). The kids loved it, though and that's all that matters. We then went in search of a place to eat lunch and drove around downtown until I was quite frazzled and lost and decided to just give it up and head on back home in hopes of finding a side of the road picnic area. However, I could see the bridge I needed to be on, but had a hard time getting to it...seems my lot in life. We ended up eating on the porch of a nice log cabin convience store and it was good to stretch our legs and stuff our faces. Had a great day, sprinkled a little on us, but the temp was very comfortable. I didn't get many pics, but here's what I did get...

Thanks to my big sis for springing for the tickets and my dad for springing for the parking and to the LORD for getting me back to podunk...alive and well!


  1. Della you're a hoot!! You are so much fun to read.

  2. I totally understand her sister! We went to see Chronicles of NArnia in chattanooga and well I didn't get lost but finding parking was like trying to find a goose in a snow storm! IT was awful can you imagine living their everyday..WHEW! I am so thankful for my little house in small ville!
    Hey I wouldn't mind if it was even smaller smallville would suit me just fine..about 500 people in the town..yeah that would be good!
    I am glad you had lots of fun!
    When you want to get together again?
    B and I are thinking of making a trip to chat zoo soon!

  3. Della you have such a way with words! I laugh every time I read your post. I am with you on the one way streets they are super annoying!

    Joy I would love to take the kids to the zoo also! You know when I will be gone to the beach, so if it is after that we would love to go too, if that is alright with everyone else.

    Have a great day!! Leanne