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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just a Bunch of Stuff...

Isn't my Raccoon pack adorable? Okay, so they look a bit scary, I'll give you that. We ended Lewis and Clark last week and this week we're reading about Davy Crockett. THough historians say it is highly unlikely that Mr. Crockett wore a coonskin hat as much as he's pictured doing, but rather something he picked up as his popularity and legend grew. All the same, Lillie did a state notebook page on TEnnessee and the state animal happened to be the raccoom. I got a neat 20 page book about Raccoons off the Learning Island website. YOu have to check this site out, short, but informative books on a variety of topics. I made the kids these raccoon masks you can print here. ANd we played a short lived game of "Pin the TAil on the Raccoon" I got from FAmily Fun website. Lillie wouldn't let me blindfold her to play.

I found the book basket filled with...Josie. Lillie's handiwork, I have no doubt.Before anyone calls the law on me, children CHOSE to get in this big ole' dog carrier. In fact, I've been trying to keep them out of it, with no sucess.However, it does seem to occupy them...
This week we've been listening to our tapes on the life of Jesus, in particular the ones concerning the events from the Triumphal entry to the Ressurection in observance of Ressurection week. We've been working on a simple lapbook that I'll post pics of later when we're all finished with it.

For science we've been studying birds and I have been fascinated at some of the ones we've studied. ONe of these is the bowerbird. THe male builds a very extravagant house and some even have rooms and then they decorate them...all this to impress a female. If a female likes the male's ability to decorate, she'll choose him. But she flies away to lay her eggs and never gets to set foot in the house. Here's a neat video that will explain better... DON"T FORGET TO PAUSE THE MUSIC PLAYER ON THE SIDEBAR!!!!!

<a href="">Nature&apos;s Greatest Moments - Episode 80: Bowerbirds</a>

Suppertime is always filled with drama...

ponderings on the future of our country... general weirdness... and unbelievable cuteness....Today, dad came over and we took a trip to the local park to play and have a picnic. It was great fun! Sunday I wore sandals to church...Monday I woke up to snow on the ground and it's been mucky and cold the last three to say we were stir crazy is the understatement of the century.

After the wacky weather we've been having, it was such a blessing to be out on such a beautiful spring day. Have a great rest of the week and Happy Ressurrection Day. Let's each one take time to be thankful for the blessings of home and family that the Lord has given us and the hope that Jesus brings!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy and doing great stuff! I LOVE the pics of them in the dog crate! HA I can't believe they all fit in it! So cute..we are going to have to have a park day soon if the weather stays nice you know!

  2. I agree. The weather's about to drive me nuts here!

  3. looks like you guys have had some great fun, I was so happy when the weather turned warm again, I just do not like being stuck in the house, I just put up a knew post to study, let me know what you think. Brandie