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Monday, October 24, 2011

Learning Phun

I used to love Mad Libs as a kid! Me and my sister would , on rare occasion, obtain a pad of the fill in the blank stories and would set feverishly about filling them all in, cackling with one another over the silliness that ensued. We never really gave a thought to the fact that we were learning while doing so....hmmmm.
Anyway, found this site with Crazy Tales on it and the kids each filled out one, we printed them and read them together, then I had the kids look up words they didn't know the meaning of and then they drew pictures of their stories. Lillie Anna's story was about a knight named Stephanie who saves the kingdom from a mushy dragon while riding her trusty bluebird, Bob.
Jack's story was of a super hero called Milk Carton Baby who fights crime with a filing cabinet until his nemesis Mushy Toenail steals his golden filing cabinet. Chloe's was about a princess from Mars who rides a fish to Sweden and fought in the Civil was....the most interesting.
They were learning and didn't even suspect it! The best learning is done in a sneaky fashion...