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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hodge Podge and Mish Mash

Well, it's been hectic around here as of late. So, I've not had much time to blog. So, you will all be subjected to multiple posts for today. Keep persevering, they do end. This post will be dedicated to an assortment of unrelated pictures.
Picture 1: This is where we sleep. Now, before you go taking up donations to buy my kids beds, be aware. They do have their own beds. They just seldom use them. See, my kids like to break the norm, think outside the box, explore alternate sleeping places. Some nights it's the couch and recliner, others the floor. But they always manage to wind up where I'm sleeping and this night it was a queen sized bed. Notice the 2 ft section to the left. That's where I sleep. I have birthed three bed hogs!
These are the thanksgiving cards we printed using leaves.
Here are some pictures of Lillie, my dad, and my nieces Hannah and Kasey taking gun safety lessons. These are not, I repeat, not real guns! We are not stupid! These are rubberband guns. We are smart!
I love this one. It's like Charlie's Angels, only clothed and with stunted growth.
Key points of lesson: Don't point a gun at anything you don't want dead! That's good advice.
And the Winners of the "Looks Can Be Decieving" award are...
Being groomed to take over the family business!


Nuf Said!

Wantin' to Be Like Daddy

While going through my videos the other day, I realized that I had alot of great videos of Jody and Jack. Jackson loves his daddy and that is no exageration. Wherever Jody is...that's where Jack wants to be. Unless of course there's a roast on the table and then that's where Jack wants to be. Come to think of it, that's where you'll find Jody too, anyway.Oh well, they like each other is what I'm trying to say. So, here are a few of the better videos.

I Can Not Tell A Lie!

The other day, I read the kids the story George Washington and His Hatchet by James Baldwin. What a great little story! It's one of those stories that parents love to read, so they can get in a little character training without the children getting wind of it. We briefly discussed who George Washington was and how his willingness to tell the truth shaped him into the great leader he was. We made a handprint cherry tree to tie in with the story and a devotion about truthfulness from our Keys for Kids.
You know, Looking back through my posts, I counted like...tons of pictures of Lillie with a Kool-Aid smile. It's become so integrated as part of her overall style, I don't really notice it. Sad...especially considering all the bad stuff you hear about dyes in food these days. I'm thinking it's time to hire each child an image consultant that will wipe their mouths and fix their hair before photos.

For all you Sesame Street fans, here's a "News Flash" about this very story! You will need to turn off my music player on the right!

Giving Thanks!

I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was blessed! Sorry I'm playing catch-up again! Here are some pics from our trip to the Crafts Center for the holiday expo. They had alot of work by super talented people, including my dad, who in my opinion was the best (though I could be slightly biased). They had some demonstrations as well. Great fun!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Must Read Blog Post for Homeschoolers and Those Pondering Home Education.

I have had the opportunity to talk to several moms about my choice to homeschool. They have all been very interested, but one thing holds them back. They simply don't believe themselves capable of teaching their own children. Well, I'm here to say that you don't have to have degrees all over the place (or even a high school diploma) to educate your children. Now, legally, it may come to that (let's pray it never does), but as of right now, we enjoy the freedom of being able to take charge of our children's education. I've said it before, it's not for everyone. And circumstances sometimes prohibit a family who wants to school their children to not be able to. But incapability is not one of them. Read this post from The Common Room and I assure you, it will open your eyes to alot of things. You may just realize (if you haven't already) that there is no other option for you but to be bulldoggish and selfish with the children you've been given charge over. Whether publically educated, or home educated parents should and need to be in the drivers seat of their kids development and education. The stories in this post are not isolated and more prevalent than I like to think.

Breaking Free from Twaddle!

As a relative newcomer to homeschooling and fledgling CMer, there is one big hurdle I've had to hop. Making the transition from a textbook mindset to a living book mindset. I know Miss Mason is right about this one. It takes alot more engagement and observation to pull facts out of literature as opposed to having it all laid out in small digestable sections. For example, I have been letting the kids listen to an audio recording of Thornton Burgess's Animal Book I downloaded from Librivox. If you have never checked out Librivox, it is one of my new favorite sites. I am a huge fan of all Burgess's works as well as those of Clara Dillingham Pierson. They are full of rich text, engaging and delightful stories (I love reading them long after the kids have run off to vent some energy) packed full of facts. Chapter Five was what we listened to yesterday and it's all about squirrels which was also the reading lesson Lillie was working on from the American Schoolhouse Reader I checked out from the library. I was listening and found myself overwhelmed! I quickly snapped out of it and realized that my textbook mentality had taken over. I worried that they wouldn't recognize the facts for being so engaged in the story! Sure, using a textbook description of the gray squirrel and it's behavior would have been easier on me. I realized that I, as the teacher, would have to play the role of textbook, by pointing out facts and expounding on them and doing other activities to reinforce what we had read and learned. Using living books takes courage, it takes organization, and it takes more effort. But, I promise you it is so worth it!

The American Revolution - part 2 (Vintage Sesame Street)

This one is for all you history buffs and Sesame Street fans!