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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Can Not Tell A Lie!

The other day, I read the kids the story George Washington and His Hatchet by James Baldwin. What a great little story! It's one of those stories that parents love to read, so they can get in a little character training without the children getting wind of it. We briefly discussed who George Washington was and how his willingness to tell the truth shaped him into the great leader he was. We made a handprint cherry tree to tie in with the story and a devotion about truthfulness from our Keys for Kids.
You know, Looking back through my posts, I counted like...tons of pictures of Lillie with a Kool-Aid smile. It's become so integrated as part of her overall style, I don't really notice it. Sad...especially considering all the bad stuff you hear about dyes in food these days. I'm thinking it's time to hire each child an image consultant that will wipe their mouths and fix their hair before photos.

For all you Sesame Street fans, here's a "News Flash" about this very story! You will need to turn off my music player on the right!

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