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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hodge Podge and Mish Mash

Well, it's been hectic around here as of late. So, I've not had much time to blog. So, you will all be subjected to multiple posts for today. Keep persevering, they do end. This post will be dedicated to an assortment of unrelated pictures.
Picture 1: This is where we sleep. Now, before you go taking up donations to buy my kids beds, be aware. They do have their own beds. They just seldom use them. See, my kids like to break the norm, think outside the box, explore alternate sleeping places. Some nights it's the couch and recliner, others the floor. But they always manage to wind up where I'm sleeping and this night it was a queen sized bed. Notice the 2 ft section to the left. That's where I sleep. I have birthed three bed hogs!
These are the thanksgiving cards we printed using leaves.
Here are some pictures of Lillie, my dad, and my nieces Hannah and Kasey taking gun safety lessons. These are not, I repeat, not real guns! We are not stupid! These are rubberband guns. We are smart!
I love this one. It's like Charlie's Angels, only clothed and with stunted growth.
Key points of lesson: Don't point a gun at anything you don't want dead! That's good advice.
And the Winners of the "Looks Can Be Decieving" award are...
Being groomed to take over the family business!


Nuf Said!

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