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Monday, May 4, 2009

Photo Catch Up...

From time to time , I save up random pictures and make one reallllllllllllllly looooooooong post. And, well, I suppose it's your lucky day...cause today's THE day...

This is Josie and I know it's hard to believe from these pictures, but the kids adore her.Not a lick of road rage in this one...She's having a "MOMMY MOMENT" ( "Where are my keys???? And, where are my kids???)Josie and Tucker in a disgusting display of affection....Tucker loves his puppy.Nature Walk at Dad and Mom's. The kids ran hard and played hard literally all day.A little artist...Some nosy brother trying to tell her that that looks nothing like a dog...Little artist lamenting that no one understands her creativity...Lillie is a very good sketcher (She'll bring you a picture and you'll ask what it is and she'll tell you, and it actually looks like what she says it is...AMAZING) and has really taken to drawing , so I am encouraging it. I can't all...a lick, so it would be nice to see her become a master of the pencil.Jackson...on the other hand. I love this goober...he spent 10 minutes staring off into the woods and then scribbling furiously on his paper. I thought, "Man he is really in the groove of things. " When he emerged from his creativity I asked what he had drawn. He looked at me like I ought to know what it was and said "It's a dinosaur" in a very condescending way. I smiled. Wasn't aware there were dinosaurs in these here parts. Round these parts, we believe in the value of hard work. It's something we want to instill in our children...that and it means I don't have to clean out the scummy garden spot pond :) Jackson is a HARD worker (except when it comes to cleaning the house) when he's outside. He stayed at my parents a weekend or two ago and helped shovel mulch and was just as happy as a hog in a slop bucket...even earned $2.00 (of which I informed him that it bumped him up into a higher tax bracket (like 97%) and that I'd gladly hold onto it until it was time to file his return. He agreed. He didn't care about the money, he was just pleased to have done the work. Here's proof that my boy don't shrug work at all and that he's a pretty tough little goober... Ladies, rental fees start out at $10 an hour, if you're interested.

Have a blessed day!


  1. How sweet! I love when you do photo catch up. Your nature walk would really really please Ms. Mason herself you looked like a lot of fun! If this stinkin rain would hold off we might actually get to go outside and find some nature instead of sitting in the house getting bored you know! Grrr well the Lord knows what he is doing with the weather and who am I to tell him I would love some sunshine right!
    I hope you all are doing good!
    Love you sis!

  2. I would love to rent him for a week or two, can he move heavy furniture? No I'm just kidding, but I too love you photos and you seem to always have just the right words to go along with them, I just love the pic of chloe and her art work. Can't wait to see ya'll again and i hope that you aren't water logged to bad. B

  3. He actually CAN move heavy furniture, B! He moves my couches and tables around for me when I clean the living room. He sorta reminds me of the INcredible Hulk...really strong when he wants to be, but a big wimp when it comes to things like bending over and picking up a mess :) We have also survived the rainy season.