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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Did A Really Dumb Thing This Morning...

Coffee brewed on the stove must not have the same special powers that a cup of coffee out of the ole' pot does. I am so used to a morning routine. Get up at 5 am, wander about considering whether or not to set the alarm for 6 am, most likely do that very thing, wake up again at 6 , start making JOdy's lunch and breakfast. I am so used to getting my fave coffee mug down, putting sugar in it and then dumping an obscene amount of vanilla caramel powdered creamer on top, that this morning while I was mixing a big pitcher of Kool-Aid for the kids that I suffered a brain glitch and must have mistook the pitcher for my mug (how I wish I could drink 2 quarts of coffee without repercussions) and dumped vanilla caramel coffee creamer in with the Kool-Aid. It say the least. The creamer clobbered on up to the top and I was left wondering if there was any other place for me to go but a mental health facility. I'll spare you and not post the recipe, okay????? Unless, of course you think you might like this sort of drink...


  1. Oh della, that is so funny and I am sure that were I to get up at
    5am every morning I too would do those kinds of things, my brain don't start functioning untl about 7am and then it don't function well. You have a great day and enjoy your caramel kool-aid coffee!

  2. Funny thing is some of the creamer must have clung to the sides of the pitcher, because after I rinsed it out and made a new batch, Jack kept asking me what I put in the Kool-Aid and whatever it was was "sure tasteeeee". Hah! Maybe I've stumbled upon something here....