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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Good Times...

I've been very blessed to have a great family. The Lord gave me a great mama and daddy and a sister I can goof off with. He gave me great in-laws, so much do I esteem them that I hate to use the word in-laws when referring to them. The Lord has certainly put great relationships in my life for me to enjoy. He recently put two gals into my life that I am very thankful for as well. Two likeminded individuals who are my sisters through Christ and two of the closest and most wonderful friends I have ever had. We were just crazy enough to take all 9 of our kids out to play yesterday and have an impromptu picnic. And boy, the looks when they all piled out of the van! I used to mind "the look" (IF you're a mama with more than two kids you'll understand "the look"). I'd get it everywhere I went, but I am no longer bothered by "the look" because it means I am abundantly blessed with children and I'd have it no other way. The kids had a great time playing together and I don't think one child wasn't driven to the brink of meltdown by the time we loaded up to head back home. I thank the Lord for these friends of mine...I really do. They're the Anne of Green Gables to my Diana Berry (I say that because they're more likely to walk rooftops than I am ;)

I love this pic...Joy's little cowboy really stuck this landing, as in he meant to land like this. Doesn't he look broken, though?

But these hardcore swingers are professionals and he shook it off like a good cowboy would.
Now , these are the ones we have to watch...they can get pretty wild and crazy in those kiddie swings...On Sunday, we had a birthday party for Jack and Chloe at Jody's mom and dad's. I love the fact that we have so many kiddos in the family...makes inviting people to a party unnecessary. Amen, Brother Jack! I say Praise the Lord for cake too...
Thanks to Aunt Shanna for making the cake, though my hips aren't very thankful this morning at weigh-in :) Thanks to Nanny and Poppy for the Dinosaur that Chloe and Jack are still bickering over and the baby. Thanks to Shanna and Paul for the Tickle Me Ernie and the Jam Packed Game that we played last night. Thanks to Denny and Steph for the pretty red dress and the camo outfit that Jack begged to sleep in last night. And thanks to Jason and Cassie for the baby and the Matchbox cars and carrying case. Speaking of Jason and Cassie, did I mention they officially have two of the cutest children on earth? I am not exagerating...this new little guy looks JUST like his daddy when he was a baby...acts a little like him, too.Slap on a Goatee and a cell phone and he's a mirror image :) However, he shares his Aunty Della's love of all things chocolate as he nearly sucked the skin off my mom in law's finger.

I am thankful this morning, not just for my own children, but all the great kids we are blessed to have surrounding us. God certainly is good, ain't he?

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