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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Blessed indeed is the man that hears many gentle voices call him Father.
Lydia M. Child

Well, I normally send my dad a hilarious Hoops and YO YO card from each Father's Day. They used to have a ton of free e-cards, but I guess that's not good business if everyone uses the free (like me) and never actually buys anything. So, imagine my horror when I logged on yesterday to send my annual funny card to my dear ole' dad and found they started charging for almost every single card...very few freebies anymore, at least in the Father's Day section. 99 cents a card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I know, I'm tight...I prefer the term "really really frugal" however. Isn't my dad worth 99 cents???? Well, shoot yeah, you bet he is...I don't have the kinda money to buy a present whose value is equal to my dad...

So, Dad, in lieu of cheap, funny card this year, I decided to just post some pictures...since we're both picture junkies I figure you'll appreciate this ...

Thought I'd throw this one in since I have alot to thank YOUR dad for.

Happy Father's Day , Dad...from the one's who know first hand that you're the bestest!


  1. Very sweet post! I just love all the old pictures, I bet your dad cried when he read this post( I almost did) and thought it was much better than any old card

  2. So much better than a card!! Memories & photos of childhood are so precious! I bet he loved looking at the photos, they were great!

  3. Such a good post, now I feel bad for not posting something about my day! THANKS DELLA! you over achiever you! LOL
    You were a very pretty bride and I love the old pictures!