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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Evils of Idleness

I believe that Miss Mason (Charlotte, that is) would cringe at the amount of idle time my children have some days. Below is the perfect example of why children should be given enriching activities to keep them busy. It started as an innocent lesson in patterning...
And ended in this... I'll let you take a guess what's holding those foam beads onto his face like that. Hint: It is cold season :)

1 comment:

  1. Idleness? I don't know about that. He was being creative with the stuff that God put in his body, right? Oh maybe it was his own science experiment! Let's see what can _____ stick to? :o)

    I haven't read your blog in a long time! Sorry! But I caught up today. I'm going to have to get with you on how to do that Veteran's Day piece. That was wonderful! What a memory!

    The kids look great! It's still very mild weather here. But we'll be saying the opposite when August comes to Texas!

    Take care, Della. Tell the kids we all say 'Hi'!

    And if I haven't said it enough, I miss you terribly! But thanks to the blogs, I don't feel so far away! But still too far!

    Teresa Cavender