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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's Never Too Early...

So, Christmas is breathing down my neck and I swore last year I would ...
1. Not overload myself with neat-o craft ideas
2. Not wait till the last minute...again
3. Go handmade all the way Baby!

So, how am I doing ?
Number three, we'll see...Number two...intentions are good, but the follow through is hard and Number One...too late! So, here's some link love on the projects I would LOVE to make this holiday whether or not it'll happen is another thing entirely.
I'm a big thinker...

Story Dice (Have already made several sets and my neices Hannah and Kasey have tried them and they were a hit)
Dress Up Boxes ( Found most of the stuff at the dollar store )
Footie Pitch Game
Fabric Tic Tac Toe Game
Wooden Pendant Necklace
Super Hero Peg People (I can see that Jack would love these!)
Fabric Scrap Memory Game (I would think scrapbook paper would have the same effect.)
Sewing Caddy (I want one!)
Button Jewlery
Miniature Bowling Game
Storybook Puzzle Blocks (Modge Podge is my new favorite thing! I love this idea!)
Mini Felt Peg Doll Cottage (Lillie and Chloe will sure love this one and I plan on painting some peg dolls to go with it.)
Lap Desks
Book Buddy

So many projects so little time! I think I probably missed some I saved to my favorites, but maybe you can glean some ideas for your holiday gift giving! Have a blessed Day!

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