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Thursday, March 3, 2011

What We're Into...

So glad that nicer weather has been popping up. Makes me want to actually do something! In school, the kids are still studying the Human's gonna take awhile at the pace I'm going. We're studying the five senses right now.

Here's the books we've used since the last post...

Used these printables for our dry erase human body notebook... Just scroll and click to the body part you're studying and you can find label diagrams plus videos and quizzes and activities.

How the Body Works Eye

How the Body Works Nose

How the Body Works Ears
How the Body Works Skin

Here are the websites I came across that we've used...

University of Manchester Brain and Senses Site: Has neat videos and quizzes about the eyes, ears, tongue etc...

Neuroscience for Kids : Senses Experiments So many easy good experiments and activities...

Here's our finished Beaded Neuron Projects...the link to it is in THIS POST

For History, we're doing Ancient Civilizations. The kids have done Ancient Egypt and , I'll tell you, it's captured their imaginations and interest like nothing I've ever seen. They are just fascinated with it and, to tell you the truth, I have learned so much I never knew. We recently subscribed to NetFlix and it's been awesome not to have to run to the library for a history or science documentary. My kids are visual learners and have never been prone to sitting around quietly while I read to them, so if I can find a quality dvd then I use that. I wish my kiddos liked to be read to, but right now they have the attention spans of a gnat.

I found a great book on Answers in Genesis that I am going to begin reading since it's free online. It's called Unwrapping the Pharoahs and I have the utmost confidence in the material and resources Ken Ham and his ministry put out there. Other than Genesis and Creation and Noah, the account of the Exodus and the timeline is probably scrutinized and attacked more than any other biblical account of history. And people, if you can't defend Genesis and the time of the Exodus then you can't expect people to believe John 3 : 16. I have always been hungry to find a biblical view of the history of the Exodus that used secular evidence...always wondered if there was any proof outside of God's word (which is enough for me, but sadly not for the majority) to support the account of the Children of Israel and their time in Egypt.

But leaving Egypt, we've turned our attentions to Ancient Greece, but it doesn't seem to be captivating them as much, so I'm gonna not overload them and do a few more necessary things with it and then move onto Ancient China, which I think will be more appealing to them. No sense in beatin a dead horse.

If you're interested in an indepth unit of Ancient Greece and, well, most anything, my friend turned me onto Lesson Pathways. This is a great site that takes all the planning out of unit studies and lesson plans. And for those with multiple students on different levels, it allows you to track and assign pathways to each individual student...pretty neato! It's truly awesome and I highly recommend it!
In closing here's some more pics of the kids taken with the "good"camera...

Have a blessed day!


  1. Cute kiddos!!! We are so happy you have found for your homeschool and appreciate your recommendation! If you have questions, please feel to email me at

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  2. LOVE the pictures and your project!! Your children are beautiful della!