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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Ridiculously Long List of Go To Links....

Anyone who knows anything about me will tell you that I have a knack for finding things on the internet. In fact, my close friends sometimes make fun of me because they can tell me they need something and they say I find it in a flash. I guess it's my super power (LOL) and I'm cool with that. However, I have a problem. When I find something, I put it in my favorites and then forget I found I am going to keep a running list of my favorite sites here. Now, on my sidebar I have a ton of links for you on everything from crafts to cooking to homeschooling. But in this post I'd like to list my GO TO's...those sites I shoot off to first thing when I need something for school. I hope you find it useful.


(These have a little bit of everything from lesson plans to subject specific materials and printables.)

Homeschool A to Z (A MUST READ)

The Homeschool Mom (A MUST READ)



(Just Found this one the other day and my kids LOVE it)

(A Pay Site, but has alot of FREE stories and things)

This is it for now...surely it's plenty to look at! I'll add more as I come across them. I love to share links with other homeschoolers because sometimes you just don't want to hunt something up...and when I find something that is helpful to me, I figure it's bound to be helpful to someone else.

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