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Friday, February 24, 2012

Been Awhile....

Been in a dry spell...obviously from my lack of posting as of late. Don't think I have reached burn-out...just trying to find my niche...

I have decided that my main problem is not just being...well, ME. Trying to go against the grain I guess. The fact is I'm an unorganized, impatient, too many irons in the fire type of gal. And God has made me that way for some reason. What does this mean for me in my spiritual walk? In my role as parent/teacher? How do I make this all work within the way I function?

Is the solution to just become ultra-organized? Nope, too stress ful. I've learned so much during this dry season where it seems I've just been keeping head above water for so long. I still have so much to learn.

Been working with the kids on the first lapbook I've printed in three years....

We're studying the 7 ancient wonders and new wonders of the world.

Today, I actually utilized a large scale project I found on Pinterest...we're talking paper, glue, scissors...the works...which would normally put me in the fetal position for hours from the stress of kids spilling stuff and glueing things in the wrong place. LOL...I'm being honest here...

But what's homeschool without a little thing I've learned...I can clean later...knowledge can pop up at any time and an educational opportunity is always around the corner as are the dishes and laundry...but the learning can be so much more fun. So I'm now surrounded in the aftermath of my project with paper all over the place, modge podge on my skirt and the floor...but I'm not really bothered by that. We made life sized bodies...with organs and bones and such...they didn't get all the way done cause the kids got too tired of glueing and things...and normally that would make me mad...but they learned more than one thing, so I'd call it sucess...


I had to laugh...I stink at scale work...the organs are not the right size, pretty much not the right shape...they're in a relatively correct position, but some are glued totally that would have driven me crazy several months ago. I didn't take my time making sure the organs were perfect...not with 3 people vying for my praise and totally getting mad because the glue wasn't working right. But I'm okay with long as they learned and more importantly had fun doing it.
ANd just to give you a laugh...Jack asked if we would be glueing our "none of your business on" which is Della speak for the area of the body I'm SO not ready to delve into. LOL...I said, no not this he just drew it in. Ahhhh fun.
My days are filled with having to constantly remind myself of the things I know are true, even though life sometimes throws me a curve ball.
Have a blessed day!

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  1. Love this Della! Your babies are so precious(great pics)! You have such a wonderful way with words. Love you sweet friend!