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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hit the Deck and Other Goings On...

This time of year is always my slumpy time.  Where the seasonal changes and the time change mess with me. I long for days when we can escape the house, when sickness isn't upon someone.  I put alot of stock in seasonal depression, as I am certain I am a victim of it.
So, school has been laid back...not alot of book work, some reading aloud of good books, but the basics are integrated into games as everyone is stir crazy.  It is amazing how much math  fun can be found in a deck of playing cards!  The game above is called Spiral.  It was loads of fun and the skills are easily adaptable to the varying levels of math skills we have here.  Here's the link to the instructions for this game....

We also use our Uno cards or more than UNO.  I made a list of the skills each child is working on, for instance. .. Lillie is multiplying working on fractions and place value-ing....Jack is adding and place valueing...Chloe is greater than / less than-ing and adding.  So each child draws 2 number cards (you need to remove the actioncards (or the face cards if using a regular deck).  So, say Lillie draws a 2 and a 4.  I would pick a task from her list, say multiply the two numbers or draw me a fraction or arrange the numbers to make the LARGEST number.  Say Jack draws a 4 and a 3.  Then I would pick add the two numbers or make the largest number probably get the picture.
Yesterday Chloe and I played a game where we removed the face cards, drew two cards and piece, added them and the one who had the biggest number won.  She beat me...alot...lucky dog.  It was simple but fun for her.  
Here's a link to two other card games I've played with Lillie and Jack.
We also play UNO as God intended and Yahtzee which are both great for reinforcing math skills.  I love playing games.  I recommend the Family Math books, the older one and the newer ones.  Also , anything Peggy Kaye has authored...Games for Math, Games for Writing, games for Reading etc...
 Okay, here's randomness...

Jack and Tyler built a duct tape obstacle course for their cars complete with ramps and dinosaurs.
 The weather is crazy these days, seems like it can't make up it's mind.  I printed these neat weather stations for the kids.  They complete it in the morning and update it as the weather changes...they even play "Weather Channel." LOL...nerds.  Check out Mr. Printable's site...he's my hero!

 These are some cloud finder wheels from Scholastic...they not only id the clouds but tell you what each cloud means weather wise.  This is great because it encourages the kids to work independently.
 I was saving this nice wood plaque to woodburn a nice sign but Lillie beat me to it.  Guess she felt no one was recognizing her greatness and made herself an award. LOL...Yeah, her spelling stinks..but it says "is a great piano player, Lillie Anna Davis."  She's so humble.....

 Jack's math from this morning.  I found these great skill cards at Kroger's of all places and they were dirt cheap, so I pick 5 a day and we work through them.
Sinus's have gotten me down today, the weather hopefully will iron itself out.  Remember how blessed you are!

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  1. We are also doing the same as you! School has definitely taking on a new meaning here as everyone is sick. All three of my kiddos have bronchitis junk! We just got to do school today! I love all your links and as soon as I get my computer fixed I am going to print out some things for my kids! Thank you for sharing!
    Love you hope you are feeling better!