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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 3

 This week in history we moved from Ancient Egypt to focus more on Mesopotamia.  We had some really fun times.  The notebooking is working wonders so far and makes for an enjoyable time together, though we had a couple days last week where I realized I need to rethink the amount of work we do as a group...3 hours on 3 subjects is really too much for them in one sitting.  So I'm going back to History twice a week, Science 2 days and Geography 2 days...that leaves me a little flexibility...and if they want to work more on one subject than another, more power to them.

Jack's Sargon Page
 God speaks to Abraham
 Abraham's Family Notebooking page
 Geography mapping was North America and the United states regions
 Geography Foldables on Volcanoes
 Jacks' Country Report Page
This is a page from the Geo Scribe Notebooking Packet
 In science we are studying biomes and we covered the Savanna this week...
There is a site called Blue Planet Biomes that works really well with this particular notebook page.

Chloe's Sargon Page
 Chloe's Abraham Journal Page
 Lillie's U.S Regions Map Page
Chloe's Savanna Biome Page
 Chloe's Savanna Animal Report
Lillie completed the History Scribe pages for the Pharoahs as an independent project.

 For our study on Hammurabi, we acted out courtroom drama using some examples of Hammurabi's was a hoot, to put it lightly.  I've not laughed that much at my kids in a while.  I found the idea for the activity here.

Here is a lapbook element for our notebooks where the kids made up their own laws.
 Lillie's Sargon Page
 Lillie's Savanna Notebooking pages

 We've been drawing our stories from Catherine Voss' Story bible, as well as having verse memorization punch cards.  When they fill up their cards and can say all 6 verses perfectly, there is a prize in it for them...a Happy meal...which we have never bought for our kids!  I know...negligence...but it's just never something we've sprung for, though they have had a Happy Meal or 2 courtesy of loving family. LOL
Chloe's Daniel Page
 Chloe's Judges Page
 Lillie's Judges Page
 Lillie's Delilah page
 Lillie's Daniel Page
 Jack's Judges Page
 Jack's Samson Page
 Jacks Daniel Page

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