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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Okay, I love hymns. While picking up the living room today for the fifth time, I snatched up a hymnal my grandmother gave me a couple of months ago. One of the kids had thrown it in the floor. While I squelched the urge to really let them have it about respect and taking care of things, I glanced to see what page it was opened to. Page 147, "The Christian Home". I read it through and I almost cried. This song embodies exactly what I want my home to be.

O give us homes built firm upon the Savior
Where Christ is head and counselor and guide
Where every child is taught His love and favor
And gives his heart to Christ, the crucified:
How sweet to know that tho our footsteps waver
Our faithful Lord is walking by our side.

O give us homes with godly fathers, mothers,
Who always place their hope and trust in Him;
Whose tender patience turmoil never bothers,
Whose calm and xourage trouble cannot dim;
A home where each finds joy in serving others,
And love still shines tho days be dark and grim.

O give us homes where Christ is Lord and Master,
The Bible read, the precious hymns still sung;
Where prayer comes first in peace or in disaster
And praise is natural speech to every tongue
Where mountains move before a faith that's vaster
And Christ sufficient is for old and young

O Lord, our God, our home is thine forever
We trust to Thee our problems, toil, and care;
Our bonds of love no enemy can sever
If Thou art always Lord and Master there
Be Thou the center of our least endeavor
Be Thou our guest, our hearts and homes to share.


  1. Love it! If you haven't read the Mr. Pipes series, I'm sure you'd really like them! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great hymn lyrics! They don't make them like they used to, lol!
    Loved your painting of the mother and children singing in the church pews... just beautiful! Thanks for your post!

    Be Blessed,

  3. Beautiful words!