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Thursday, January 24, 2008


I slacked and didn't post yesterday's work until today, so the post directly below this one is actually the stuff we did Wednesday.
Today, we read Chapter One from the book "Stories of Indian Children". It was all about the homes of the native americans with a focus on teepees. Teepees were the common housing style for the Native Americans since they were largely nomadic people and moved where the food was. Thank the good Lord for Kroger and Wal-Mart. I'd hate to rent a U-Haul everytime I ran out of milk! Jody stepped up to the plate today to help the kids make teepees because my nerves were about shot. The kids just would not sit still or focus to listen to the story. So, I let him take over while I shot the pictures. It was just safer for everyone that way.
Here's Lillie "decorating" her "buffalo skin" for her wigwam.
And here is Jackson, who just dumped the entire crayon can out onto the table and is wearing the can for a hat. He's the class clown...wanna guess if I laughed????

Jackson trying his hand at making an Indian war cry!

And the finished product...

Lillie did another time telling worksheet, this time matching the clock to the written out times. I believe she's got time telling to the hour down. I think I'll work another day or two before moving onto something else. She's wrote more A's today. Our Among the Farmyard People story of the day was "The Bay Colt Who Didn't Mind." Parent's : It's no accident that I picked this story, for the Bay Colt was very disobedient and had a nasty attitude and got into trouble for it. Not sure if the kids got the jist of the character lesson, but we did learn a little about horses. Lillie completed a story page for her animal book with a picture of a bay colt. Skipped out on reading. Been trying to get them laid down for a nap for about two hours now. Probably won't do it today.
Chloe ate pancakes and syrup this morning...loved it.


  1. Cute, Della :) Your children look very sweet.

    Wanted to let you know that I'm having a little book give-away for readers who comment on my blog. Since you and Leila come by often, I wanted to mkae sure you got in on it :) It's only until my site ticker hits its 5,000th visitor, and we're getting closer! So come on by :)

  2. You should should submit this for Living Books to the blog carnival. This is the 10th anniversary edition so I'm sure Jacci would appreciate having a good turnout. Nice teepees, by the way!

  3. Don't feel too bad, we all have these kinds of days. Thankfully kids are resilient and tomorrow is a new day. :)

    The teepees are really cute. I'm sure your kids are enjoying them.