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Monday, March 10, 2008

Our First Nature Study

Well, all our snow is melted. This weather sure is kooky! I guess it was Thursday that it was so nice outside. Sunny, not real cold, a little breezy...just a real beautiful day. Those days around here are scattered, so we take advantage when we can. Friday it turned really cold and by Saturday morning their was snow everywhere. I have resolved myself to another sandal-less Easter Sunday this year...
Anywho, Thursday was very nice, as I mentioned, so we strapped Chloe into her stroller and took a walk around our yard, dinner spoons in hand, to see what we could dig up. I noticed alot of our irises and tulips have started peeking up from the dirt, so we dug up one of each and I let Lillie Anna tell me how their bulbs differed. I explained about roots and the importance they have on plants. Well, imagine to my delight when I rounded the corner of the house and the tiny patch of daffodils that we had last year have spread like wildfire and were in full bloom. Oh joy of joys! We picked one so we could study it further. I took my Handbook of Nature Study and we looked at all the parts of the daffodil and then cut open the seed case to look at all the tiny seeds inside. Lillie Anna really soaked up the knowledge and soon the tables were turned and she was quizzing me about the parts of the flower. Jackson was mowing the front porch with his toy plastic lawnmower, oblivious to any learning that might be going on. But Chloe got into the whole thing. Here is a video I shot of her "studying" our flower subjects along with some pictures I took. All in all, though brief (because of my children's knat sized attention spans)our first official nature study was a success. I only hope they all can be this way! I think nature study is so crucial. The majority of our science this year will come from these times spent in God's creation, admiring his handiwork and praising Him for all his goodness.

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