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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Egg-citing School Day

Yesterday, we did the usual reading , writing, and arithmetic and added history into the mix. I am using the History for Little Pilgrims by Christian Liberty Press. We talked about how everyone has a history and a future. How that God decides when we will begin our journey on earth and when our journey in this world ends. Lillie started constructing a family tree. We added aunts, uncles and cousins. Thursday we will finish up with grandparents and great-grandparents. Here is a picture of Lillie with her Family Tree so far...

Today, we continued learning the first five books of the Old Testament and question three from our catechism. Did some reading and a writing worksheet and Lillie successfully counted to 50 by herself with no help, so instead of spending the rest of the week on it, we'll go ahead and begin skip counting.

Wednesday is our science experiment day. Since we studied alligators on Monday, I decided to do the floating egg experiment to show density and to tie in with the fact that alligators live in fresh water and the differences between fresh and salt water. I got this experiment from Ms. Lee's Kindergarten Experiments. It's very simple. Drop and egg in a glass of tap water. It should sink. This is because the egg is denser than the water.

Next, drop an egg in another glass of tap water. Add table salt until it floats to the surface. Now the water is denser than the egg.
I talked a little with her about what's so unusual about the Dead Sea and then had her drink some tap water...

Then some salt water...

The verdict: Salt water is "shoo nasty".

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  1. Looks like you guys have been into some neat things! What great projects! Keep up the good work.