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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh Deer!!!!

Had a wonderful time yesterday! Lillie spent a few days with her aunt Shanna and new uncle Paul on their deer farm. I had never been out to their farm before, so I was looking forward to seeing all the different animals they had, not to mention sneaking in a little school time (FIELD TRIP). I don't think I will ever get my mind around that my sister-in-law has taken to farm life as she has, but she really enjoys it. She's a natural. If you don't believe me, here's some pictures of her feeding the deer. She does all that and still looks good! I got alot of pictures, but some animals I didn't get a picture of. One was called a muntjac, which is the world's smallest deer. They are very skittish around people as I learned from Paul and they were literally bouncing off the walls of the barn they were in. Here's a stock photo that will give you an idea of what they look like. The other animal I didn't snap a picture of was the Egyptian geese. I thought they were very neat and unique. I really enjoyed watching the deer run in herds to the feed and watching the bucks actually fight over the food. They had one deer named Babe that was bottled fed, so she would come up to you and let you pet her and she'd eat right out of your hand. I dropped my camera unknowingly in Shanna and Paul's driveway, so I didn't get pictures of Babe and the kids. Here's a great picture. One of these things is not like the other... A hint: That really big deer is not a deer at all... That is Larry the Llama, who had no problem telling those bucks to get out of his way. I was told he even spits on them. Here are some donkeys posing with Larry. Here are some pictures of the deer... Here is Jack running from the deer... I'm not done yet, there were alot of animals... Goats, ducks, geese, turkeys, chickens... Here is a video of some cavies...

They had a new colt which the kids freaked out and would not pet, even though poor Paul wrestled it to get it over to the fence.

Paul made Jackson's millenium...

These are white foxes which look pettable, but are not...

We rode the four-wheelers out to see the pigs, which were my least favorite because they are flat nasty. They were very large pigs...couldn't help but picturing how much bacon would come off one of those things. Chloe liked riding the four wheeler, almost falling asleep a couple of times.

Thanks to Paul and Shanna for showing us around.

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