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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Official!

Just got back from my amniocyntesis at Fort Sanders. It was as uncomfortable as I remembered it to be last time, though the needle was not at all huge like I remembered it. Also got my ultrasound which CLEARLY told us that a baby boy is on it's way! In fact, the ultrasound tech gave me two pictures proving it was a boy, as if one was not enough...I mean, it was obvious. Now balance is restored in the Davis house. Dad says he looks just like me...not sure if he was kidding about that or not.

The ultrasound itself, aside from being miraculous was also very humorous. The rather serious technician was getting very frustrated with my boy cause he wouldn't stay still long enough for her to do any anatomy shots...this was the longest ultrasound in history, but I didn't mind...I loved watching him scoot around and evade the camera. The technician did not appear to share my enthusiasm...even after I apologized (jokingly) for his behavior. Welcome to my world , honey, is what I thought. I still can't get any of my kids to sit still. She even jiggled my belly ,quite roughly in fact ,to get him to move, even made me turn on both sides ( I felt like a pig on a roasting spit )...but alas, he is stubborn, surprise, surprise.

No matter how many times I have seen an ultrasound, I am always amazed and stunned by the experience. It makes it all so real and I can't wait for the movement to get started...well, that's another thing. I may not feel that way in a couple of months as this kids got big feet and LONG legs and them babies ain't gonna feel so hot in a couple months. For those familar with ultrasound pics, I show this to gain your sympathy...look at those clod hoppers... But all was well. The amnio was alot more uncomfortable because the baby moved alot, it made my stomach and body jerk...very startling considering there was a needle inches from his little body. Maybe that coke and coffee this morning wasn't the smartest idea? Don't tell it to the technician, as I don't want to make her day worse. Then I graciously gave them three tubes of blood cause I'm nice like that. But the results should be back in 2 weeks so be praying that all will be well. Now, I'm going to go be's orders you know.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. So so happy for you Della! What a blessing a new life to welcome into the world not so far away!

    love you much