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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Walking Reminder...

"Only fear the Lord, and serve him in truth with all your heart; for consider what great things he hath done for you." 1 Samuel 12:24
Started revival last night at church. Crowd was down, but that didn't worry the Lord one bit...he sure did meet with us. Brother Kevin Melton , under the leadership of the Lord , preached just exactly the message I needed to hear: Some things we need to consider.
So many times we dwell on the negative,on the bad, on the uncertainty of a future that God already has hold on...when we'd be a whole lot better off to consider a few things.
How Jesus suffered for us when he didn't have to, how he's been right there and helped us when we thought we could go no further, how he's coming back to give eyes to our faith.

That got me to considering almost 5 years back...

I was going in for my weekly ob appointment. I was at 36 weeks with Jackson and it was to be routine. But sometimes God shakes up routine, doesn't he? He was still transverse and my belly looked a sight...let me assure you. The doctor wanted to turn him so she did an ultrasound only to discover the little guy was swimming around in a dry pool. I had been leaking amniotic fluid and had no idea. So what started out as any other doctor's appointment turned into an emergency c section. Well, the surgery went fine, but upon circumsising him, he began to bleed a whole lot and they couldn't stop it. So, he ended up taking a ride to Knoxville to the NICU at Children's Hospital.

Turned out he had a condition called fetal alloimmune thrombo cytopenia, which is just fancy medical talk for "Start freaking out, his blood won't clot causing all sorts of nastiness and bad stuff."
At the time I was just in a panic survivial mode, didn't really pay attention to all the jargon being slung...just knew I wanted it to be done with and get the little guy home.

Well, now I'm faced head on with the same scenario, only this time I know about it and can not use ignorance to comfort myself. Our new little guy is an unwanted guest in my body, sorry to say. As we speak antibodies are attacking the little guy's platelets bent on destroying every last one of them. But we caught it early and it can be treated. The biggest threat to little guy is an intercranial hemmorage in utero. Most babies that have complications or die from this condition do so hours after delivery because of the stress on the head going through the birth canal. I was going to have a c section anyway, so that's probably a non-issue. But still the thought of what could happen while he's yet inside plagues me with worry every once in a while.

Now we're back full circle to the message last considering the great things God has done for me...and you if you'd think on it a bit.

Jackson was born a month early because of low amniotic fluid and not being turned right...a c section was the only means of getting him out. Had that not been the scenario (which at the time and until recently looking back on it) he'd have been born regular and possibly have died from the thrombo cytopenia. So once again, God worked it all out. I don't understand why he does things the way He does sometimes, but He always seems to work it out.

I also don't claim to know what plan and purpose he has for my children in the future. But I do believe this...without a doubt, God looked down through time and saw that I would be faced with this situation. He'd knew I'd freak and be scared and worry and not consider HIM and what He's able to he gave me a walking , talking, eating, dino-wannabe, reminder everyday that He took care of it once and He can take care of it again. Jackson is my reminder that God doesn't dabble in randomness, though at times His working seems random. It's all connected. It would do us all good to CONSIDER HIM.
Pray for us, as I know, more so today than ever, that it works. HE hears and HE answers and HE can be trusted to take the wheel.

Have a blessed (and consider-it) day!

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  1. A timely reminder...Thank you :) Lots of love and prayers friend. ♥