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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010 and Some Other Randomness...

Had a really nice Easter, enjoyed getting the girls all gussied up and my little man was so handsome. Jody was sick on the downside, but feeling much better. Before I get into the pictures, just to update everyone. THe home treatments are going well, lovin' my nurse, she brings me food to fatten me up, though it's not really working as I haven't gained but 5 pounds. Have a new specialist in Cookeville from Erlanger, Dr. Sunny, love her. Hoping to still be able to deliver in Cookeville and be close to home. Pray for that, okay? Ultrasound looks good, so far no signs of any kind of cranial bleed, praise the Lord!

Now, onto pictures...

I am reminded why I like to take pictures of barns and things that sit still....

Jackson dancing with Chloe...He thought his sisters "Were Sooooooooo Beautiful." He's a sweetie.

Walked out onto the porch the other day to see this gruesome sight. Perhaps my kids watch too many National Geographic Animal Video clips online???????Have a blessed day!

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  1. loved the Easter pics looks like your kids have grown a foot since I seen them last! Wow they are all so pretty! Hope you are doing well really miss you! love you