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Friday, January 28, 2011

We've Got Batter Control Issues...

No comments about this being unbelievably dangerous, please. I ate batter when I was a kid and look how....oh, wait...nevermind.My dad says every picture he takes of Lillie is magical. It's true. She can be doing the most mundane things and there's just something beautiful about her...

My boy's growing up! This is his first loan agreement! Kid cannot wait to make enough allowance to buy a lego plane set (about 3 months of work, IF he doesn't get money taken away for bad behavior.) So, Jody decided that he would offer him a loan. We buy the plane now and he's our slave til he works off the debt. When Lillie was asked if she wanted us to front her some money for something, she said "Ummm, no. I'll just save up my money." Smart girl. Doesn't Jack look thrilled though. He's probably wondering what he's gotten himself into.
There is no shortage of love around here for Ty GUy.

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