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Monday, July 7, 2008

Picture Catchup

Two weeks ago, we took a nature walk at the local recreational park. They have a super nice walking trail, and I needed the exercise. Kids just ran around and it made me tired just looking at them.


This is Chloe fixin' to rip into a cheeseburger. This girl can handle her fast food, let me tell you.

Here's a great picture of Jack playing peekaboo with Chloe.

This is Lillie making Bit O' Honey candy for our unit study on bees, which we finished up last week. Our lapbook turned out good. I might post some pics of it if I get a chance.All I can say is, "Poor Little Debbie!"

Oh! I can't look! All the carnage and ... cream filling...

A trip to Nanny and Poppy's...

Jack and his...sculpture, I think. Crayon on Playdoh...very...Jackson.What happens when you fall asleep on the battlefield. Cute...very cute.Lightnin' Bugs at Mimi and Papa's

Crabtree Family Reunion

Chloe, proving once again that my children can fall asleep anywhere.
Tractor Ride at Papa's...

And that's it for now, folks.


  1. Great post!! Thabks for all the links!

  2. Uhh, that would be "Thanks" I guess I've been thrown up on too many times today!