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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Down To Earth...

The day is just flying by! I seem to be spinning'll take a miracle to get all our schoolwork and housework done today! Yesterday, took a nature walk with the kids and my dad, had a nice time. It was a beautiful day! Then, I had to go settle up with the library. Can you believe I owed them $11 and ten cents!!!!!!!! Gasp! I have never ...NEVER...paid that much in late charges! If I keep up with this memory loss thing, I can kiss "Homeschool on a Shoestring" goodbye! Yesterday, however, I booked it and we completed ALL our schoolwork for the day!
Studied Venus yesterday and I have decided that, although Mercury would help my weight, moving to Venus would help with my time management. Did you know 1 day on Venus=243 days on earth! Now, I'm in hot water! Where do I move, now?????? Earth and Venus are roughly the same size, so my weight won't be much different, like 10 pounds! However, Venus is HOT HOT HOT and I burn easily and they don't make SPF 500000000000. Oh well...
The kids filled in their Solar System Notebook pages for Mercury, Earth and Venus today. I'll have to post pictures of the notebook pages I created later on. My children spent most of this morning playing with their lapbooks (Lillie's got a new phonics lapbook hot off the inkjet!) and exploring the solar system using this site. You must go check it out. It really is alot of fun! Today we focused on Earth and made a nifty little craft. Get it here.

The kids then sat down to do their notebooking. They are really learning so much using this unit, I've learned quite a bit too. I love homeschooling, cause I get to learn right along side them! I meant to do an activity to tie in with studying Venus, but didn't have the materials on hand, so will have to try it out tommorrow!

Added Earth to our Solar System poster...

And tried to keep Chloe from crashing the party!We will be finishing up our Indian Lapbook tommorrow, so I'll be sure to post the finished product for you. Well, I'm off to tackle the three R's...wish me luck!


  1. Everything good as usual! Love the space study! we are doing an indian unit right now too. In fact last night I was reading to Em and Bry out of a book "Sitting Bull and the plains indians" and Em looked at me and said "Hey mom do you reckon you could read that to me when I am older because I am like not understanding it at all and it is gross!" Okay that was not what I was expecting but she was right the book was too advanced! I am having a hard time finding good books about indians on their age level. Can't wait to see your lapbook!

  2. As usual you make me feel so boring!!!!! Your homeschooling looks so cool and mine well lets just say it lacks a little, It could be that I have four kids, mountains of laundry, hills of dishes and 10 thousand other thing to accomplish that I never get around to. Anyways enough of that I guess I'll just have to keep trying or, I could always send them to you!! HA Ha just kidding. Brandie

  3. Ouch! I find that difficult as well. I would love to use older, "living" books, but my kids just t-totally shut down on me! I think it's okay to get picture books, as long as they have some value to them. Did you check out Red Feather?

  4. Brandie, by the way, I didn't mean the "ouch" to mean it would hurt me to hang out with your kids. I was answering Joy's comment at the same time you posted yours, so the order got mixed up. I read it this morning and thought, man that might be misinterrpreted.