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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Planetary Update!

Well, last week and today we have studied Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. I plan on wrapping this unit up this week, cause next week we embark on our Pilgrim unit and it's a biggun, so I don't want to overload my little mind and wind up spending the whole month of Thanksgiving grumbling. So, we'll slack a little on science and nature , only doing selections from our Nature Reader or Pilgrim related science projects, if they come up. I really want to make the month of November special. I want it to transform my children in some little way. My concern is not that they learn all the facts and figures, but more that they learn the attitude of grattitude through the lives of the Pilgrims. That they'll recognize the courage it took to make such a frightening uncertain journey and how God's hand was over the whole thing. Well, here's the pictures of some of the projects we've been into in our planet unit.

Many of the planets we've studied have volcanic action goin' on, so we made this little volcano. Sorry it's not more elaborate, but I didn't exactly feel like whippin' up some paper mache'. The kids didn't care, they thought it was neat.

When we studied Jupiter, Lillie made this chart that shows the size comparison of all the planets. Here's how you do it.

Draw a plus sign with both lines measuring 7 inches long. Draw dots on each pole then connect the dots to make a big circle. Label this circle Jupiter. Now, measure from the center 3 inches, draw dots to mark , then using a different color, connect these dots to form a circle. Label Saturn. Continue this process using the following measurements:

2.5 inches for Uranus

Slightly less than 2.5 inches for Neptune

A little over .5 inches for Earth

Exactly .5 inches for Venus

.3 inches for Mars

.25 inches for Mercury

Now you can compare the size relativity of the planets. Which planets are the largest, smallest, closest in size? It's a pretty simple way to illustrate size difference comparison.Here's the picture of Lillie's chart. She's not the best drawer of circles, yet, but the important thing is that SHE did the work. For Saturn, we made these easy Saturn models using styrofoam balls, old scratched cd's, paint, glitter, and alot of patience :) They turned out pretty neat and I expect the children to revolve them around things for the good part of the afternoon. Here's some pics and videos.

And here's just some random shots on the memory card. I wonder sometimes about this kid...
Ummmm...those are grits if you were wondering.

The freedom of homeschooling! Reading Lesson on the Fridge!!!!

Have a blessed day!


  1. Wow Della you really did a great job on the planets! I thought the volcanoe was awesome! We are so excited about our indian and piglrim unit here! Hey when you get some time call me!

  2. Such a great job!! Your children are so blest to have such a dedicated teacher. I just love the planet lapbook, Abbies science this unit was about planets and that would come right nice, I might have to sneak some of you ideas, if you don't mind. Well keep up the hard work, I'll see ya later Brandie