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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Fever Continues...

Okay, so I worked like a yeller dog last night, burned the midnight oil to finish Jack's lapbook. He loves it and has played with it all morning. Lillie's been playing with her addition lapbook as well. Okay, so here's the pictures of THE LAPBOOK THAT NEVER ENDS!!!!!! (Dramatic, huh?)
This is the clothesline file folder game I made the other night. It helps him with his patterns and sorting skills. I made a similar game for Lillie a couple years back, but we actually pinned the shirts on a clothesline with real clothes pins. It was very fun and very effective.

This is a page of matchbooks with the numbers written on the outside and objects to count inside. Click here to get the printables.Jack loves trains. I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I just made what I was looking for. I found train clip art and altered it in my photoshop program. On the green engine part, I put the Upper case Letter, then on the little red freight car, I put the lower case letter. I printed them on cardstock and cut each letter's train in half. It made a great train themed matching game to help with letter recognition. By the way, I know that C and B are not the same letters, I just threw two cars together to illustrate how the game works.Okey Dokey! Here's another number game I got here.This is a matching game for color and shape recognition. Get it here.A memory game with Jackson's favorite thing...modes of transportation. He's fascinated with anything with wheels or anything that will get you somewhere. Finally, a collection of flashcards I got on this nifty site , ZiggityZoom!Okay, onto other things. Jody decided that we were all gettin' too flabby around here and so he forced the whole family to do sit ups last night. Obviously he has overlooked that we are all perfect physical specimens who need no nightly workouts. I burned calories just laughing at the kids trying to do sit-ups. Here's some pics and some video...

This is daddy teaching proper technique to the kiddos.

Here's Lillie wondering why she has to be the one to hold Jack's stinky little feet.Jack finally did one...I think because Chloe was praying for him in the background.

This video of Lillie echoes just exactly how I feel about doing sit-ups!

Here's Chloe doing her thang. She's a cutie when she sweats! Daddy's a bit of a slavedriver, isn't he? 10 SITUPS???!!!!

We'll all have abs of steel instead of abs of Jell-O in no time!


  1. Sit ups? I quit doing that in pe class years ago remember those presidential things were we had to do all this fitness stuff.
    Oh and I will cure your fever for the lapbooking! For every lapbook you make for you kids you have to make mine one also think that might work? LOL!
    love ya!

  2. I could do it but I'd have to take out a second mortgage to pay for the ink. Still have not gotten that email... I remember PE class, my favorite activity was when we learned that line dancing thing to Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart. Our tax dollars at work... I just added another reason why I homeschool ;)