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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jack and Chloe!

Six and four years ago today, I was given Jackson Cole and Chloe Madeline. I am so very thankful for them! They keep me on my toes and , though there are days I could easily pinch their heads off, I really must admit they're good kids.

Jackson is growing up so fast, it seems. His physical size one day is going to be something to behold. He loves to wear a suit and tie and carry his Bible and "preach" before church. Loves to draw and to sing. Loves his BB gun to the point of idol worship and is scary smart. He's my miracle boy (one of them).
Chloe is the funniest kid I've got, hands down. Her mouth gets her into more trouble , but it often gets her out of it just as quick. She has a gift for saying something really cute in the thick of me being angry and just ruins my bad mood. She eats Ranch dressing all the time...dips almost everything in it. Her hair is hopeless most days but she's got the best smile.
I'm such a sucker for old pictures so I am forcing my obsession onto apologies up front for the barrage of cuteness about to hit you... and yes, they are out of order but you'll hardly notice.

I LOVE this picture of Jack...he looks like he's plotting the takeover of the world.

Chloe eating chalk...without Ranch dressing...My Favorite Ultrasound picture out of all I've ever had...Chloe's little hand. Go on...AWWWWW, you know you want to.

So happy 6th birthday to Jack and 4th birthday to Chlo-Chlo! Momma loves ya'll!

Have a blessed day!

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