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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Party! just doesn't seem like Jack and Chloe ought to be as old as they are! And as much as I love birthdays...I'm glad this one is over...I've said before we like to drag birthdays out...a couple of parties stretched out over a week...Jack nearly worried me to death about his presents...and now he's already planning what he wants for his NEXT birthday...he's got me plum tired out...Chloe let the week pass without even acknowledging she had a birthday.

Sunday birthday party at Nannie and Poppy's! We always have a blast!Shanna did a great job on the cakes, even if the clothes about melted off the doll cake on the way over! :)Went to Mom and Dad's the next Saturday and had a party with family in mom's garden. It was so pleasant outside. We roasted hot dogs in a washing machine basin ...LOL. Spare me the "You Might Be A Redneck" Jokes..okay? It worked didn't it? Enjoyed a bit of guitar playing with dad...but my fingers are paying for it this week!Was so glad my grandmother got to be with us! Here she is with 2 of her Great grandchildren and as fiesty as ever!Notice the dainty way in which she attempts to blow out her took her a while but she finally did get them extinguished.Jackson got his in one shot...Lord help us!Mimi and TylerWho says a tub of water can't entertain three of the cutest girls on the planet?Momma did a great job with the decorations...Thanks to Hannah and Kasey for the colored water! :)The kids (and some of us adults) had a blast with this toy! Thanks Jean!Kinda Creepy...The inevitable fallout! THanks to Shanna for making the cakes on Sunday! Thanks to Mom for letting us turn her garden into a romper room. Thanks to all the family and friends that came out and made these birthday celebrations so much fun!

Have a Blessed Day!

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