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Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm Still Around...

The gifts are wrapped, the food is bought, and I'm down to just two more dolls and two stick horses which I am determined to finish today. I can't believe another year is slipping by me! I've been going non-stop and once again, I have failed to really revel in the wonder and joy of the season. For that I am truly ashamed. I've let worry and uncertainty steal away the joy of one of the most important events in History...Lord forgive me.
Been busy, for sure. Every year their are so many get togethers in our family. We'll use anything as an excuse to eat :) Last Saturday, me and my in laws of the female persuasion took our annual girls shopping trip. I am telling you, it ought to be illegal to have that much fun with your IN LAWS! We've done it every year for, oh, maybe four years now. None of us ever buy much, cause we're usually broke, but we do have enough fun to make up for it! I wish I had pictures, but everyone convienently forgot their cameras. Even me and I NEVER go anywhere without my camera.

Last week, we got hit with the stomach virus that is raging right now. Me and Chloe and Jack were the victims. It was , to put it lightly, HORRIBLE! However, Chloe and Jack have invented a new sport... synchronized puking. You think there is a market for it? Yeah, you're right...probably not. Oh well...

Well, Saturday we had our Christmas Breakfast with Jody's gramps Pa James and his wife, Granny Betty. Lordy, it was fun and I ate too much. Cracker Barrell didn't have NOTHING on us! We had every breakfast food imaginable. We also played the Dirty Santa game, though I'm thinking it would better be served by a name "The Game that Will Ruin Your Christian Testimony" My poor mother in law just wanted a 3 lb bag of peanut M&M's, but everyone just kept picking on her. Just a word here, if you're prone to high blood pressure as my family is, don't eat a bunch of Country Ham and then play a game where you have to take gifts fron each other. We made it through without incident and we all shared our candy gifts afterwards. My mother in law did win out in the end...Go Pam! Didn't get a whole lot of pics, cause my battery was rapidly dying. But I did snap a couple.
These two have become fast partners in crime...
Scooter knows how to party!Here's that big bully Pa James, pickin' on my momma (in law)... Pam here seems to be trying to bargain with him... using Cassie's (whose 5 months pregnant) two big ole boxes of Crunch and Munch. Do you see the panic? Luckily, Cassie is very calm and can , even with hormones raging, control the urge to come up swinging. In the end, Pam gracefully handed over her most prized possession, realizing that a judge probably wouldn't take "The Ham Made Me Do It" as a defense for boxing her father's jaws.
See, real men wear flower aprons...This is Pa James...Master of the Ham.

This is one of the many rag dolls I have made this month for the little girls in my family...I'll post pics of all of them when I'm done.
I made some aprons from vintage pillow cases...I gave this one to myself, cause I like pink...Don't have pics of stick horses, but will post them after the holidays. Well, that's it until after the festivities are over. I just want to take this moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. My wish is that the joy of the season and the peace of Christ will fill your heart. Happy Christmas blessings to all you and your families this year!


  1. Looks like you guys have a great time together! I want a rag doll!! That doll is too cute, I wish I had some sewing talent. Merry Christmas girl. :)

  2. I love the dolls and aprons, you did a great job. It looks like you all have been having a lot of fun lately. You had me laughing out loud about the ham and M&M part. My six year old had to come over here and read some of your post today. He enjoyed it as well!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family! Leanne & Cameron

  3. Its good to know that you guys are feeling better. My Tanner has been sick the past few days and I am praying that He will be the only who gets sick. Anyways, if anyone ever said that making gifts was easier was definitly mistaken, more rewarding and cheaper but not less work, but I have enjoyed making gifts this year to but I do wish that I had started this knitting thing alot sooner, I would have everyone a scarf done but now I only have 2 done and about 4 more to go, I don't think I will make it by christmas, Your dolls look great and so do your aprons, I hope you guys have a wonderful christmas and a Very blessd new year.

  4. Your so clever daughter-in-law of mine. Loved reading about how much fun you had and I wanted to tell readers that some of us really wanted that 3 lb bag of snickers that you won and would have sold me down the river for!! Luv u!!

  5. Hey! I tried to win your bag of M&M's back for you...see how nice I am? I've got your back!!!!!