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Thursday, December 11, 2008

You Know It's Gonna Be One of Those Days When...

Your three year old son, who seemed to have potty training licked for good, comes running up to you and says "Mommy! I peed in your washing machine!" ...and he's proud of it!. Now, although I'm sure this will be very amusing down the road when I'm trying to weed out girlfriends, some things minorly bothered me aside from the obvious that the kid is marking his territory on my major appliances.
1. It wasn't the washing machine...that would have been better. It was actually the dryer that had a batch of clean, dry (well, were dry) clothes. Man! At least I could have run a cycle in the washing machine and be done with it...not biggie! But NOOOOOOO, my little overachiever goes all the way!
2. He doesn't know the differences between a washing machine and a dryer (Oh, Lord, where have I failed!!!!!!!!)
3. He thought it was a GOOD idea and one that I would be proud of him for.
Oh well, let's just pray this is not a repeat performance thing...


  1. Mercy would have been if it was some one else blogging about it!

  2. Little boys are FULL of surprises!! So funny, for me anyway.:-)

  3. Oh MY!!! But at least you were able to find something funny in it right. You'll have to ask Joy about the time our little brother thought her bedroom was the bathroom, I thappened more then once and I tell ya she wasn't happy, but it was oh sooooo funny!!! Brandie

  4. oh my goodness! Boys thats all you can say is BOYS! Yeah my brother decided one night he was in the bathroom and just peed everywhere and he was actually in my bedroom. talk about gross! BOYS!

  5. That is so funny Joy, I didn't know that about him!

  6. Thanks , Dad for the much needed encouragement. Have you checked your dryer at your house yet? Joy, how much therapy have you undergone since then...