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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Refreshing...

In a world of homeschool fears and hopes, to read bits of wisdom from those who have paved the way for us is encouraging. Here's an excerpt from the post I read over at Pioneer Woman Homeschool...

"Mrs. G. saw a cookbook at the library the other day called The Sneaky Chef. The chef’s strategy was to sneak ingredients into recipes that kids generally don’t like. Mrs. G. thought to herself that she should write a book called The Sneaky Teacher. Learning does not have to laid out like a professional blueprint for a skyscraper. It doesn’t have to be approached rigidly, as in “sit down now we’re about to eat some broccoli and cauliflower.” Life-learning is all around us.We are not all meant to excel at the same thing. Try not to make every subject the be-all and end-all of your young child’s education, as though each subject was akin to earthquake preparedness. Like that chef, when kids are young, sneak in a little official learning when you can, because these are natural, authentic moments; they can generate sparks that ignite into flames that last a lifetime. And they taste better than Satan’s vegetable, pureed or otherwise – the evil beet.
And remember: We do the best that we can."

You owe it to yourself to read this humorous post, especially if you have found yourself recently stressed about you ability to teach your kids. Here's the links...

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  1. Della, How did you know that this is just what I, You are right we do stress about it way to much, more so with abbie than with the boys, I don't know why... Thank you for the post. B

  2. Because she is a girl and she is the first born and by nature they seem to be more independent and stubborn, at least that's been my experience. Boys tend to be easier, which is good cause we'd go nuts if we didn't get a break. Hang in there!!!! You're never doing as bad as you think you are...