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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why I Prefer Blogging Over Facebooking...

Have been going through a blogging dry spell for several months now. Just didn't feel like I was doing it justice, didn't seem to have the time or the words to make it what I wanted it to be. I mean, things can be pretty boring around here and sorta same old same old and I guess I just figure people may get tired of hearing me rant about housework and rave about homeschooling.
Enter Facebook, which was a complete peer pressure kinda thing. And I'm not knocking it, don't get me wrong. I like Facebook: I can keep up with buds, present and past and chat with them without having to hide in a closet so I can hear, it's great for when you're feeling unisnspired and need to keep things short and sweet. Plus not everyone has a blog, so I feel connected that way. Facebook is good for all of that. And Facebook better suits some people, the majority of people. But there are just some voids Facebook cannot fulfill for me.
For one, I am naturally long winded. I tend to write in run on sentences because I can and don't have my AP english and creative writing teachers from high school lecturing me about it. I throw punctuation to the wind and laugh in the face of composition. But sometimes 420 characters doesn't cover what I want to get out there. You can imagine the frustration when you've typed a great status update only to have that annoying little window pop up and tell you that your post can't be published cause you have 423 characters. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Blogging lets me reveal my heart, my thoughts, my ramblings without fear of pop up windows.
Secondly, we are in a rush world and it is convienient to just do a quick status update from your phone or blackberry or laptop. But blogging seems more personal. Because it takes time and deep thought (most of the time) to compose a post that others will want to read and that you would be proud to slap your name on. Time is just not something many of us have, though. And even though more people probably read my facebook page than my blog, still there are those that may still care what I have to say...someone who can gain encouragement from my experiences. As connected and intricate as the Facebook network is, I find that blogs make people more....real. If that makes any sense? I will still Facebook for the reasons I listed above, but I have seen the light at least from where I stand right now.
So, while blogging is not for everyone, it's for me. Sometimes I don't have anything to say, but other times I have more than 420 characters on my mind and regardless of if anyone reads it, as someone who has always loved to write, an idea, if left in my head either dies or drives me nuts until I get it out. (See! Wasn't that the perfect misuse of commas and run on sentences you have ever seen! Mrs. Adcock and Mrs. Hudgens please forgive me...)


  1. I miss blogging too, Della. I need to get back at it! This was a really good post and to be honest I prefer blogging over facebook, but facebook is like one of those things invented for convience and not supposed to take up that much time but winds up causing us to waste time. I'm glad your back and look forward to seeing more post...Love ya B

  2. Thanks B, you're right on that. I know so many who have stopped blogging because it was taking up to much time and got on facebook instead and it's alot worse. Still love Facebook, but I love my blog.