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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Early Bird Might Get the Worm, But I'd Rather Take A Nap...

Lillie and I started schoolwork at 5:30 this morning. Lillie Anna is NEVER awake that early. She did an addition worksheet, read her Starfall reader and practiced writing her name. We laid back down on the couch around 6:30 after we ate breakfast. Then Jack came and squeezed in, then Chloe woke up, so no nap for me. With the basics over and done with, we got started on our creation book. We did day three today. I will post a slideshow of the finished book, hopefully Monday. With time telling to the hour conquered, we moved onto the Days of the Week. I had Lillie order them using some pocket chart printouts I got from
I printed out some days of the weeks puppets and glued on popsicle sticks. We used a catchy little song to learn what came before (yesterday) and after (tommorrow) a given day. The kids liked the song and Lillie did well recognizing the days in print and ordering them.

Jackson practiced his letter sounds and then we did a fun activity that gave him some practice with his colors, sorting and classifying, and simple graphing. Lillie Anna joined in to help us. We sorted his entire collection of Hot Wheels into colors and then graphed them to see which color he had the most of and which color you'd find the least in his collection.

I am proud to report that Jack is 100% boy and his die cast car collection reflects that. He had more blue cars than any other color and NO PINK CARS.
I made an executive decision to switch my history text to "Red Feather" off the Rosetta Project. It has easier language, short chapters, and pictures, unlike the Stories of Indian Children. I couldn't get the kids to sit still long enough to read the chapters and the lack of visuals bored them. Today, we were introduced to Red Feather, a little indian boy who goes hunting with his bow and arrow. I let the kids paint some limbs blown off the trees from the other day when it was very windy and tied some elastic to them to make them play bows minus the arrows because I couldn't think of anything I had that was safe to make them. I believe cotton balls wouldn't even be safe with these two. I just told them to exercise their imaginations. Lillie painted hers pink, of course. She had the flashiest most stylin' bow in the wigwam. Jack's was very earthy.
Pretty vicious looking savages...don't you agree?

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