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Friday, February 1, 2008

The Road to Recovery

At this moment I am surrounded by the sound of congested snoring and the occasional cough. Naptime has come, so I'm taking the time to update. We have not done any school this week, laundry has barely been touched, and cooking non existent.
Every year a bug of some sort rips through the house, leaving no one untouched! Mostly it's a stomach virus or a sinus infection. This year...the flu! Jackson was the first hit with a high temperature on Sunday. By Monday, he was a little better although I still took him to the doctor. But then Lillie Anna's body temperature shot up and I didn't have to beg her to take a nap.(That's when you know something is bad wrong with her.)By Tuesday night, she was better, then Chloe got slapped with it. Her temperature stayed steady at 103 even with Tylenol. Wednesday, I took her to the doctor and because she had such a high temperature, her doctor tested her for RSV and the flu. Negative on the RSV (thankfully) but a postive on the flu. Luckily for us, this was a mild flu. Last night was the first good night's sleep I've had since Sunday.
This leads me to thinking. Runners train in advance for marathons, right? Shouldn't moms train for cold and flu season? A week or so in a sleep depravation chamber, a personal trainer to show us how to properly load and accurately dishcharge a medicine dropper. I really stink at that part! I mean, you usually only have one good go at it and if you mess it up...well it's bad. I have actually had mine to turn their heads and wind up with Benadryll running out of their eyes. I felt like I needed some weight training to buff me up so I could hold Jackson down when they took his temperature at the doctor's office. I was grossly unprepared and totally out of shape for sickness of this magnitude.
Well, the worst seems to be over with , though I don't plan to emerge from my house for at least three or four more days. Here is a great picture of Chloe from earlier today that shows how I feel about everyone being on the road to recovery.

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  1. hey its destiny. hope you all are feeling better. we are lucky enough so far to not be sick although i am hit with constant morning sickness! yes i am prego again!