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Monday, February 4, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I am amazed how much we accomplished this morning! The kids slept till 9:00 this morning. Usually I wouldn't let this occur, but I figure they're flat worn out from being sick. I was hoping to get in a few minutes of outdoor time today, just to give them some fresh air, but it is cold and rainy. After our late breakfast, we read the story of Creation and made the first page of our Creation Book. We will make a page for each day of Creation showing what was made and it will have the corresponding scripture on it as well. When finished, it will go into sheet protectors and a 3-prong folder. This is the page for Day One: God Made Light
Next, Lillie did speed drills with her clock flashcards. I am not completely satisfied that she's got it yet, so I'll work with her again tommorrow and re-evaluate. Lillie then took a break and Jack was on the hot seat with speed drills of his letter sounds using his letter flashcards. He did well, except he gets "j" and "g" and "m" and "n" confused. Lillie read through the #2 Starfall Reader, will need a couple more days to get her short "e" blends down though. She practiced writing her a's freehand and did pretty well. Next came our animal study. We read "The Lamb with the Longest Tail" from Among the Farmyard People. It was a story about a Lamb that had a longer tail than the other lambs and was very prideful and mean about it. His mother tells him that he was given his tail and the others were given there's and that doesn't make him better than the others. The little Lamb soon realizes that he has the longest tail, because his has not been clipped yet by the farmers. Great little story to teach about how God makes everyone different, that he is no respector of persons, and that pride can get you in trouble.
Lillie did her story page for her animal notebook.

Our craft was to make handprint lambs

In spite of the fact that we got a late start, we were done in 2 hours and had a good time (aside from the occasional whine "I don't want to.")
Chloe still has no voice. She cries almost silently. She feels alot better, though.

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