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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Why Are We So Happy...

That is natural flash needed. See that in the background...that's grass and trees. Yes, we went outside Tuesday. It was 66 degrees and glorious! Today, it was rainy again. It was as if God was giving us just a taste and saying "Just a little longer..."
I have slacked and this post should have been up yesterday. Today is Wednesday, but I'm playing catch-up, so pretend it's Tuesday.
We made page two of our creation book this morning and reviewed what we had learned so far about the story of creation. Anna played her tell time flashcards and I am now satisfied that she can tell time to the hour. So, that got checked off my list of goals. We went outside, like I said. I am having the kids observe the Bradford Pear Tree beside the front porch. It is starting to bud out a little and I want them to see how a bare twig ends up a full, green tree. I had Lillie do a bark rubbing for her tree book and we will be posting the pictures of our changing limb as major transformations occur.

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