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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not Exactly What I Had In Mind...

I have been helping Jody with a cleanup job this week so , once again, my brave (did I mention lovely, kind, brilliant) mother-in-law has stepped up to the plate and taken all 3 of my children for five days. Hopefully she'll read this post and it will stave off the scenario of her strangling me while screaming "Don't ever do this to me again!"
No kids...hmmmm. I planned on catching some sleep and an early jump on spring cleaning. But I was in town all day at the health department with the kids and then waiting for Jody to get out of work so we could go work some more on Tuesday. Yesterday, I had a dentist appointment and stayed in town most of the day until Jody got off work, then we went to work... again. When we got home he said he was taking me out to dinner which was code for "I didn't like the dinner options given to me". So we went to a great italian place and the bread was fabulous!! I don't know about the entrees. By the time my stromboli arrived, I had eaten so much of that bread and the cheesesticks I was sick. I definitely had too much sugar and starch yesterday. Jody so graciously ate some of my stomboli and said it was the best.
The last two nights I have been home only long enough to change clothes and fall into bed. There has been no time to clean and it doesn't look like I'll get that chance until Friday. The sleep has evaded me also. I'm so used to waking up with kids that my body is incapable of sleeping straight through a night. One of my wisdom teeth has come in and my mouth said "No room for you." I've been praying for wisdom. I thought I made myself clear. Surely I didn't confuse God, I don't think he would have misunderstood. But now I have to have an extraction and I have to endure this constant throbbing for another month. Why do they call them wisdom teeth, anyway. I've had two come in and I don't see any significant change in my smartness. However, I haven't turned on the coffee maker and then walked across the kitchen with the pot in my hand as of recently.


  1. Hey Della, Thanks for all the nice things you said about your mother-in-law. I'm sure that she will appreciate them! And by the way they were mostly true!

  2. Ahhh, so you finally figured out how to leave me a comment!