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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Birds are Back in Town...

Several posts ago, I wrote about the eastern kingbird that had built a nest and laid eggs under the roof on the corner of our back porch. They are eye level and very easy to see. Well, from the day they hatched, me and the kids watched them grow and change. I knew the day would come that all three of them wouldn't be able to fit in that tiny nest any longer and would be gone. I was just hoping to catch them in the moment, but I missed it. One morning, I walked out and they were gone. I couldn 't help but feel a little sad that they were gone and I wondered if they would come back to my yard. Well, Saturday, the mother (affectionately called "little mamma") was sitting on the bird stand in the backyard. I know it was her, I remember her well. She looked like she put on a few pounds and I was totally relating to her. Then the thought occured to me to watch her and see where she went. Yep, you guessed it... straight back to that nest. She has laid more eggs and is in the process of sitting on them, as she only flies off if I come out the back door. So, my feathered friends are back and I look forward to watching this new batch of babies grow up and , sadly, fly off. It was just a reminder of how great our Creator is. How everything has a cycle and a process. Just like the day we welcome a new child into the world and all the happiness and emotions it brings, one day, they grow up and get their own wings, flying off to start their own lives. Everyday Jesus gives us is special. I believe if I just keep that foremost in my mind, it might make me a little better mother, wife, christian, sister, friend, daughter etc...

Okay, enough sappiness. Here is a bad video shot through the screen of my backporch. These are pics of the first batch of kiddos from the kingbird.

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