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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Oh! Bee-Have!

We've been doing a unit study on honeybees and my aren't they interesting little critters! Lotsa stuff I didn't know...
We are making a lapbook that we got here. We've added and embellished to this lapbook template. I'll show pics when we're finished. So far we've learned that their are three kinds of bees in a hive and that the female bees do all the work (oh how nature mimics life :) The queen lays thousands of eggs a DAY (yikes!) And bees have neat gadgets the Creator built in like ultra-violet vision that allows them to see the amount of nectar in a flower! We've learned Bee anatomy...Three eyes on top of the head, two stomachs (one for digestion, one for storing nectar to make honey). Honeybees sting only when threatened and can only sting once, because once they've lost their stinger, they die from organ damage. We've studied the stages in the life cycle. Here's a neat video..

Today, we learned that bees bust moves (dance). It is incredibly interesting how worker bees scout out the flower situation and tell the other workers about it. Here's a professional video of this phenomena. AMAZING!!!
Now, here is an amateur video I made at the house of the kids demonstrating the two main dances of honeybees. NOTE: These are not intended to be a bit educational, but merely entertaining. Check out the round dance...

If you thought that one was even slightly funny, you better brace yourself. Ladies and Gents, the Waggle Dance as performed by Lillie.

I'm wiping tears. Not tears of being deeply moved, by the way. Tears from laughing so hard. Her Uncle Denny says she's got some moves. She certainly does. This is proof, though I think that rug she cut towards the end might scare a whole hive of bees off.

We're not quite done with our unit, so their will be more posts (though not nearly as exciting). Have a great day!

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