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Monday, June 30, 2008

Great Homeschool Freebie!

If you've got girls (are you reading this, Leila?) and have wanted to find an entire 5 YEAR sewing curriculum (didn't know they even had that...), the Erksine's at Wholesome Childhood Homeschool Freebie of the Day have one. It's an e-book and it is completely FREE! I just downloaded it, so here's the link. This is a great handicrafts resource, and I might learn a little something as well.
Stitchery for Girls: Free E-book!


  1. I just realized that it was only free yesterday. Do you by any chance have it saved in a file that you can e-mail? If you do you can contact me through the Holy and Beautiful site if you like and I will give you my address.

    Better yet, you can teach a class and I can send my girls to you.


  2. Jessica,

    We're keeping the link to this ebook up through Wednesday, so please stop by before then and pick it up.

    We ask folks not to re-distribute the resources we are offering at since most are copyrighted represent a good deal of work on our part. Thanks for respecting our rights in this.

    Jim Erskine

  3. Thanks. I just downloaded it.